The Flash – S03E06 Shade

The Flash is one of my favourite TV shows of all time. There is something about this show that manages to blow me away so often and leaves me wanting so much more each and every week. This episode was amazing. While it didn’t reach the heights of a premiere or finale, for what is getting to a mid season episode, this blew me away. I think this episode was a large contrast to what we got with Supergirl this week. In Supergirl we had all these characters facing their problems in what was a slower more emotional episode. This episode of the Flash up the intensity but still had many characters facing these season 3 problems.

A large part of what made this episode fantastic was that every draws back to Flashpoint. Like many, I would of liked the Flashpoint timeline to of played out a bit longer, but it is episodes like this when they are dealing with the direct results of Flashpoint that makes the single episode Flashpoint sit alright with me. I know all of this season is a result of Flashpoint, but this is pretty much the only episode apart from episode 2 where we are seeing Barry feel so guilty because he is seeing what he has created. The scene with him and Caitlin was great for me because we got to see Barry realising that Flashpoint is not over and the ramifications are going to be so much bigger than he thought they would be.\

There were two main focuses I took coming out of this episode and it was Caitlin revealing her powers to the team and the main arc of Wally having his dreams from Dr Alchemy. For me, everything with Caitlin really sets up what we are going to get next episode titled Killer Frost. While I also have that episode circled because Kevin Smith’s last Flash episode was one of my favourites, I’m really excited to be diving in deeper to Caitlin as Killer Frost. I really liked what we got with her last season on Earth 2 so it has me interested to see how they are going to handle her on Earth 1. My guess is she will head towards the evil side before turning into a form of anti-hero.

The other main focus was Wally. We knew that at some point, Wally was going to be the target for Alchemy and knowing what Wally is like, we knew he would probably embrace it. I thought that the Wally stuff really kicked into action in the final part of the episode. While I loved what they did with the start with Wally having one of his visions and having a voice over similar to what Barry does in the opening title, more visions is all we really got until they decided to hatch the plan to take down Alchemy. What I really loved about this was Wally’s need to become a Speedster. We have seen it all season and it was really magnified when the Philosopher stone was just sitting on the ground, continuing to call to Wally, and Wally embraced it. Obviously this means that Wally will become a form of Speedster, buy my question is he going to be fighting along side Barry or along side Savitar.

Which takes me to something big I want to talk about which is Alchemy and Savitar. As far as Alchemy, they are really pushing the thought that Julian is Alchemy. I’m not sure if they are pushing it so hard because he is Alchemy or because they want us to think that and pull a sneaky reveal. My thoughts on who Alchemy is was really effected by the stone calling to Wally. For me, I think physically, Alchemy is Julian, however I think the stone is in control. I know we haven’t seen him do too much but whenever we see Alchemy, the stone is always close by.

This episode we got our first official reveal of Savitar. While many assumed it was him who killed the Rival in episode 2, this was the first time we properly got to see him on the screen. All we really have to go off from him is some blue lighting, a metal arm and face and a deep muffled voice. At this point I don’t know enough about him to make a judgement other than off these bases, he really has the potential to be an even scarier villain that what Zoom was last season.

There was something about this episode that shone and remind me why I love this show so much. At this point I care about all the characters, even H.R Wells, and when episodes like this happen and you see these characters going through changes and problems, you feel that. This episode captured what makes this episode so great and is now marked down as a highlight for the series.

I must add, there was one line that Barry said this episode that I know so many people including me loved hearing. “There is no Flash without Iris West.”



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