Supergirl – S02E06 Changing

This season of Supergirl has been fantastic to me and I think the move to the CW has done it a world of good. While I really enjoyed season 1, the show seems to be hitting a different level to what it didn’t last season. For me a sign of a show going good is when they can have a slow episode and make it feel like it was needed. This was one of those episodes for me. Apart from the large amount of action in the back end of the episode, most of it surrounded the theme of having to change and face currently problems. I really thought this was a episode we needed because over the opening episodes we have seen several problems unveal themselves and this episode really faced them head on.

I’ll start with Alex and Maggie. From the get go, you knew these two were going to have some sort of romance going forward and as the season has gone on, we’ve seen it become strong and strong until we hit the point last week of, is this what Alex wants. As I’ve said in previous weeks, I really like Alex as a character and I’m really liking what they are doing with her this season. Though this arc we are getting an emotional side to Alex that we didn’t really get to see much of back in season one. I thought the scene with Alex and Kara in Alex’s apartment where Alex has faced her problems and overcome them just to be knocked down is one of my favourite Alex scenes we have gotten in either season. I don’t remember seeing as much raw emotion from her as a character than we did in that scene.

Something I also think they are handling really well this season is Mon-El and Kara’s drive to train him. Kara’s drive starts from her failing to take Superman under her wing when she was younger and because of that I feel like we are getting a form of brother/sister sibling relationship. Last episode we saw Kara face the facts that Mon-El isn’t cut for the same type of work that her and Clark are, but she still believes that he has what it takes to be a hero. I really loved the scene in the ally were both Kara and Mon-El basically speak whatever they are thinking and they are both faced with the truths of what the other thinks. I thought this was a big moment for me because we never got to see Kara’s adjustment to living on Earth and through Mon-El, we are seeing a much older alien having to face with the struggles of jumping right into human life. Following on from that, seeing Mon-El step up and go into action was great. While he wasn’t the most effective fighter, I feel like it really kick started his heroic side because he got to see what it was like to be in Kara’s shoes.

When it was revealed that James would be becoming a superhero of some sort, I was a little worried that we were going to get superhero overload. With Mon-El and Miss Martian already being introduced, the thought of a non alien superhero in a world where aliens are the main focus made me worried that he wasn’t going to have the impact that the others do. I was wrong. Before jumping into Guardian himself, I want to talk about the build up to him from Winn and James. These two have always had a dynamic that I’ve liked and to see them both going at each other over the suit was fantastic to watch. I think we always saw that drive behind James in whatever he has done, but this was a big scene for Winn. Apart from being caught up in the love triangle with Kara, Winn for the most part has always been that smart tech guy but to see him embrace that side of his character and lay down the law that he is responsible for what happens to James really showed us a side of Winn we haven’t seen to much of.

On Guardian himself, I thought the suit looked fantastic. I’m sure they will constantly be doing some tweaking to its appearance, similar to Diggle and his helmet, for it’s first appearance it was great. I really like the Kylo Ren style voice muffle. The idea that James want to stay anonymous to Kara and everyone else is a great sign to me because in past CW superhero shows, anytime someone becomes a hero, everyone in the circle knows about it. Also from that, it sets up a really good arc that will take place once the others do discover it is James.

The final thing I took out of this episode was between Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian. I’ve recently been binging through Young Justice so the parallels between both versions of Miss Martian are fresh in my mind. I liked how they took the white martian approach with her and I like how it’s a factor that came into play so early after it’s reveal. The relationship we get between Martian Manhunter and Miss Martian is so much stronger in this show in comparison to Young Justice because the world of superheroes is so much smaller to them, which means that we know when the truth comes out, it is going to devastate Martian Manhunter and she knows that.

Overall, while being a slower episode, it was still another great episode of Supergirl. I felt it really addressed some issues that have arisen in the first part of the season, while still setting up future story arcs that I can’t wait to see how they will handle them.



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