Arrow – S05E06 So It Begins

First off I’ll start by saying that this episode caught me by surprise, mainly because IMDb had it written that both Flash and Arrow had a week off so when I saw that there was an episode I was overly surprised. I really liked this episode. I think that this week more than any had shades of early season Arrow which is the tone and vibe we have been missing the past couple of season. With this episode, for me I’m happy to say Arrow is pretty much back.

I really liked how they seemed to jump straight into the main plot of this episode. It was great to see Oliver and Diggle out in action again just two of them. It’s nice getting that season 1 and 2 vibe where it was just them going through warehouses looking for clues. This really leads into something I liked this episode which is the split we saw between the original team Arrow and the new recruits. I really liked how that now Diggle is back, the new team are starting to feel a bit left out and in the dark with what is happening.

Further more with that is the new team discovering what Arrow originally started as. It’s been a while since we have seen the book, and tennis ball practise, and it’s nice to see those sorts of things play into the show so much later then when they started. I had honestly forgotten about the book considering it was what most of the first season was revolving around. I really like how the book is going to be a clue into tracking down who is Prometheus. I really hope it is revealed that it is someone who was present through season one because when we go back and rewatch it, it will add so much depth into the character. From memory I don’t think anyone outside of team Arrow actually saw the book so it has me stumped. I must add, like many, I believe Lance is being framed which is going to play out as a really interesting story arc this season.

Onto Promethus himself, I thought they used him good this episode. This episode really stepped up his involvement as a villain and has become the main focus for the plot. My hope is that he continues to be their main focus for the next few weeks until he takes a back seat for the cross over, but then jumps backing to main focus after the mid season break. I also hope they don’t do a season 2 Flash where we are left guessing all season to who it is. I would really like if they did what season 1 of Flash did where they reveal it early to us as an audience before the characters find out.

I thought the flashbacks were again fantastic this episode. I really like the story they are starting to build with them. The inclusion of Dolph Lundgren was a massive highlight for my this episode. I thought he really nailed the part and to know he is going to play a big part in the upcoming flashbacks really excites me because he brings such a gravitas to the screen.

Overall a really good episode. As I mentioned before, Arrow has recaptured the tone and vibe it had so early on in it’s run and it is paying off massively. My hope is that it continues it’s upwards trend for the rest of the season and doesn’t lose it’s quality to the back end, which is what we saw last season. Prometheus is really evolving as a great villain and the team has really started to click for me, especially after the issues that arose and then where extinguished this episode.



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