Supergirl – S02E05 Crossfire

After a slower episode last week, I was interested to see which direction they were going to take this week’s episode. I was hoping that they were going to step up the intensity a bit and dive deeper into what has been set up over the past few weeks. This episode did that for me and I don’t remember myself having so much fun with a Supergirl episode since the Flash crossover. For all but the ending, which I will touch on later, I really loved what they did with this episode. Something I didn’t realise about this episode until I started writing this was we didn’t even have an appearance from either of the martians yet this episode was easily able to hold it’s own.

I really liked how this episode started with Mon-El going out into the world for the first proper time. I think it is safe to say that the show was very self aware with the cheesiness of his outfit, but by the time they reached Catco I had completely forgotten about it. It was interesting to see an alien trying to fit into the day to day routine of a human. We never got that with Kara and I like how they touched on the struggles Kara faced when she was younger and how she wanted to care of Mon-El in this new world like she was meant to with Clark. I thought they did a great job making his struggles entertaining through humorous moments but still managed to bring the emotion of the struggle it is through Kara’s point of view.

The relationship between Alex and Maggie is something I think has excelled the most this season. Through season 1, Alex was this badass character with no fear and we really only got to see her emotional sides whenever she was talking about her childhood and how her life we dedicated to looking after Kara. I thought in this episode specifiably we got a bigger insight into who Alex is as a character than I have seen in all of season 1. I’m really excited to see how the Alex and Maggie relationship will play out the rest of the season, hopefully bring out a more emotional side the Alex that we have only had glimpse of.

Something I didn’t expect to like this season but I find myself liking it more and more is Lena Luthor. While I’m still not completely sure whether she sits in the camp of good or bad, but at the moment I don’t really care. I think Katie McGrath is doing a really great job of portraying her and giving her that mystical tone of uncertainty to where she stands. I really liked her working with Win this episode. I liked how we got to see someone of equal intelligence to Win and together be able to be the saviours of the day. Personally I’m hoping she is going to be that Maxwell Lord type character from season 1 where she has mixed intentions but still steps up and helps our heroes when need be.

The only problem I had with this episode was the ending and the reveal. While I don’t think the reveal itself was bad and it was completely unexpected, I just thought the execution feel a little flat. As soon as she walked into the room I knew it we her mother. Personally I would have preferred that we learned a bit more into Lena as a character and her relationship with her adopted family before we made that big connection. If it was up to me I would of loved to see a double twist where we first found out that Luna and the head of Cadmus knew each other then reveal later on that it was her adoptive mother. We never know though, it may turn out to be her real mother.

Overall, a fantastic episode. They stepped the intensity up this week and have really started to dive into these character developments that is going to set up the second half of the season.



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