Star Wars Rebels – S03E06 Imperial Supercommandos

This was an episode I’ve been looking forward to since Rebels was being discussed at Celebration earlier this year. I really like Sabine as a character and I liked how we got bit of her history as a Mandalorian last season. So I was really excited to get even more into her history and who she is as a character.

To be honest, I think this episode was a bit of a let down. I still really enjoyed this episode but I finished it feeling like I needed more about Sabine. I could look back on this episode and see it could be part 1 of so many into the history of Sabine but as a stand alone episode I wanted more. I think this was mainly because I had such a high level of excitement I had coming into it that it was probably going to never reach my expectations.

There were however some really good positives coming out of this episode for me. Firstly I really liked Sabine taking the leadership role. Ezra has really developed as a leader but it was nice to see him step down from that role and let Sabine take control of what we going on. I think a large part of that was because this was Sabine’s episode. Similar to Hera going back to her home to save her family, they allowed Sabine to shine and even though I wanted more of it, I still think in the limited development we got with her will change the way we see her in the future.

I really liked the return of Fenn Rau. Coming from Clone Wars and now to his second appearance in Rebels, I never really remembered much about him other than he is high up in the Mandalorian chain of command. Now that his signed on to join the Rebels, I’m really looking forward to see how he will be used. I really hope that his is going to be a passage way into the deeper history of Sabine. In such a long season, I could only assume at some point we are going to get a Sabine and Rau stand alone episode which is an idea that really excites me.

Overall, I was a little but let down with the episode as a whole but I feel as though I could be looking back on it highly depending on how they handle the rest of Sabine’s history and now with Rau joining the Rebels. Next week we are getting another Ezra and Sabine lead episode  which I am looking forward to because I’ve always liked their chemistry together and it again was great this episode.


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