Arrow – S05E05 Human Target

In a week where Supergirl and Flash took a step down in intensity, I was expecting Arrow to do the same. But it didn’t, and because of that, it shone brighter than any episode this season. I felt like last week’s episode was their step back, just at the time I didn’t know it.

This is by far my favourite episode of the season and I think a large part of that was because we got Diggle back. Diggle is by far my favourite character on Arrow and he showed it this episode. I really loved his scenes with Wild Dog. It was great to see Wild Dog pushing back against Diggle and Diggle just taking it. I’ve really missed the dynamic Diggle brings to the team and it was great seeing him back in action.

I thought the action was some of the best we have seen this season. There were so many moments when it got me excited just watching action scenes. I really hope that they keep up this intensity of action in the rest of the season because it made this season so much more enjoyable.

Something I think they did really well this episode was handle the political stuff. I’m liking how Oliver is starting to tackle it head on, and even though it wasn’t actually him part of the time. I like how he is starting to make progress and and the effects of Mayor Oliver is really starting to show and its great.

I thought the flash backs were again great this episode. Not much happened in them but I liked how they tied in the Human Target, who I will touch on soon, and how he will be the thing that brings the flash backs into modern day relevance, something we have missed the past couple of seasons.

I really liked Human Target this episode. I feel like he is going to be a Constantine type character where we know he is out there and he could be utilised in the future. I’m interested to see if he will play a bigger part now that we know he was present during the Bratva era because I would really like that.

By far, my favourite scene of the episode was the final one. Everything from how it was directed to the sound, it had a cinematic and horror feel to it and I loved it. The way we saw Church, who I’ve loved as a villain and am sad he is no more, scared as hell really gave impact to this scene. On a side note, what Church was killed with looked oddly similar to the ninja star that Heatwave got in Legends.

Overall this was my favourite episode of this season. The inclusion of Diggle was this shot in the arm that Arrow unknowingly needed. As much as I’m disappointed that we no longer had Church, it was nice to see his story arc end and the bigger villain of Prometheus taking a more main roll in the plot.



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