Supergirl – S02E04 Survivors

Supergirl has been a near hit each week this season so I was expecting there to be a slower episode sooner rather than later. This episode was that for me. While it was pumped full of action, it still was a bit of a step down intensity wise. However, despite that, it was still a really good episode that I enjoyed a lot.

I liked how we started with a flash back of Mon-El and his origins. I’ve always like the use of flash backs in Supergirl because it’s usually to fill in the history of a certain character. I really like seeing character’s origins and we got another form of origin in Miss Martian, even though it completely got twisted at the end. I though when Martian Manhunter shared his origin, it was one of the most emotional moments of last season, so to get more into the history of the people of Mars was really interesting.

I really liked how they used this episode to build on the relationships that we formed last episode. Keeping with the Martians, I really like how they are starting to build this relationship over this common factor. Now with the reveal that she is actually a white martian, similar to her Young  Justice origin, it is going to make a really interesting going forward to see how their dynamic changes and how Martian Manhunter handles it.

The relationship between Alex and Maggie continued to grow this episode. They are making a really great team together and their chemistry is really starting to click. We can see that it is starting to head towards a full on relationship which I think would be pretty interesting for Alex to have a partner in crime both for work and personally.

I thought the Mon-El and Kara relationship is the most interesting because of how they are both reacting to it all. It is really interesting to see Kara have someone other than Superman but at the same time, it cautious towards him because of their planet’s history. I’m really looking forward to see how they are going to work in the future once he does get released from the DEO.

As far as the story plot itself this episode, I thought that the fight club stuff was really fun. It really added more to the whole political side of the show with aliens vs humans. That is an overall story I have really liked this season so far and I’m liking the different ways it is being played out each episode.

Overall, another great episode of Supergirl. While it wasn’t at the heights and intensities of the previous few, it was a fantastic episode for a needed quiet episode.



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