The Flash – S03E04 The New Rogues

I was extra worried for this episode. After being 3 consecutive home runs in my books the past 3 weeks, I was sure that this was one was going to be a bit of a miss. On top of that we were getting the return of Captain Cold and our first look at Mirror Master.This made me nervous because I didn’t want an episode with two of my favourite Rogues to be a let down. Luckily it wasn’t.

I loved this episode as much as the others we have had this season. This episode not only brought back Wentworth Miller as a hologrammed Captain Cold but we also got a great introduction to Mirror Master. Although only playing an overall small role, I thought Mirror Master’s origin was done really well and I liked how it was tied into the explosion in season 1. It was nice to be dealing with a metahuman this late in the series that has created by the particle accelerator rather than Dr Alchemy. I thought his overall role in the episode worked really well for the greater plot. I’ll talk more about this later but they are really trying to ramp up the excitement of Caitlin turning into Killer Frost. I thought they did a great job of using the villain of the week format to force Caitlin into using her powers as the only solution.

I thought that we got a lot of relationship stuff this episode, both friendship wise and dating wise. I’m all for there being different levels relationships throughout shows as long as it is contained within the story and it doesn’t blow out into an Olicity situation. Barry and Iris is the relationship we have been hanging for the most and this was the first episode that to me it felt natural. I’m not saying that it never had a natural feel but up until this point, they were still trying to work out how it would work between them. In this episode I really liked how we got to see Joe’s perspective on Barry and Iris. The scene in the police head quarters where Barry and Joe are talking about the relationship was one of my favourite scenes this episode. This is one of those scene where if I had to summaries all of the Flash series in a video, this would be in it because not only does it capture the moment of everything going on, it’s a perfect representation of the tone the show has.

The return of Wells and Jesse to Earth 1 was something I was excited to see again so for it to come to an end so soon was a bit of a disappointment but is understandable. This of course brought and end to two of my favourite relationships/friendships we got through season 2.

Firstly, I really loved what they did with Jesse this episode. I liked how this was the training episode with her and we got to properly see her in action, suit and all. Now that she is taking up the mantel of the Flash on Earth 2 is really cool to me and I hope we get to see more of her in the future, perhaps when Wally gets his powers. Which brings me to the first relationship I’m disappointed to see the immediate end to, Jesse and Wally. From their introduction to Team Flash early last season, we knew from the start that the two of them we going to have something in common. What I really liked about them two were that they were the new kids to the team and Jesse allowed Wally to find a place in the team and the series and Wally did a similar thing for Jesse. I’m really interested to see now how this affects Wally. My guess is that with her leaving, his want for speed will be increasing which will drive him towards Alchemy.

The other relationship we saw come to an end with Wells and Jesse leaving was the three way friendship we saw grow and develop between Wells, Cisco and Caitlin. Regardless of which Wells it actually was, Cisco and Caitlin need a Wells. While I like both of them together as the tech support of Barry, there is something about having a Wells that makes the tech stuff better. I think part of this is because of the performance Cavanagh puts in every week. I really liked how we are getting a replacement Wells, but it does leave me worried that this Wells isn’t going to click quite like the previous two have. The Reverse Flash Wells was a father figure because he had so many year experience working with Cisco and Caitlin. The Earth 2 Wells was different completely where we got a disgruntle Wells that was motivated by stopping Zoom, with that we saw him form a great friendship with Cisco and Caitlin. I’m worried that this Wells won’t connect like the other two previously have. Either way it is going to be interesting to see how he fits into the team dynamic and with everything Team Flash has to do.

Now to Killer Frost. I loved when we got to see Killer Frost on Earth 2 so when I heard we were getting her on Earth 1, it had me excited. I like how they are slowly phasing Caitlin into Killer Frost with the end scene being the biggest change we have seen. I know in the next few episode’s we are going to get a lot of Killer Frost stuff with episode 7, being directed by Kevin Smith, called Killer Frost. From looking at the comics, I can’t see if we have ever got a good Killer Frost, so it’s interesting to see how they handle her.

Overall, another fantastic episode in my books. While it may not have been up there as high as some previous weeks, it was still a knockout episode for me.



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