Star Wars Rebels – S03E05 The Last Battle

When I heard what this episode was based around, I got a little worried. Although I’m a big fan of the prequel stuff because I basically grew up on it and I loved Clone War, there was still a worry that I had going into this episode.

Getting to the end of the episode though, I really enjoyed it. For me this tied in so well into the Clone Wars. Although I could see this as a form of filler episode and I was a lot toned down more for the younger audience, they still managed to create an exciting episode I wasn’t expecting.

I loved Rex in the Clone Wars series and when he was brought back into Rebels I got really excited. I liked how we got to see Clone Wars Rex again taking control and having to face a part of his past. I liked how they brought in that PTSD moment which allowed us to understand more into what Rex is like as a character since his appearance in Clone Wars.

I really liked Ezra this episode. Something I really liked about him is that his becoming a Jedi in a time where they are a rarity. In this episode we got to see Ezra embrace the idea of fighting as a Jedi. I know this could be reading too much into it but in the context of Ezra fighting between the light and dark side, I felt like this episode allowed Ezra to properly feel the power and draw of what the light side and the Jedi had in the prequel era.

Overall, I really had fun with the episode. It was a Clone Wars episode in Rebels but I really liked that. While it was a filler episode in the greater context of the season, I don’t think it was wasted and they managed to do touch on some greater points.



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