The Flash – S03E03 Magenta

With this season off to a flyer in my books, there was part of me that has been waiting for that episode that doesn’t quite hit. Well after this episode, it is safe to say I’m still waiting for that miss hit. I loved this episode. We got to see more into Felton’s character Julian, we got a first formal introduction to Jesse Quick, suit and all, and we got to see the start of the build up towards Wally as Kid Flash.

I’m going to start with the villain of the week, Magenta. What I think the CW shows do well is adopted that villain of the week format for the first half of the season before jumping into the main plot line for the second half. This episode was no different. Magenta is another villain created by Alchemy.

I thought this was a really good villain to have this episode because it tied so well into the other story arcs that were played out. We got a villain which was difficult enough to force Jesse Quick into action without feeling like they were shoe horning her into the story.

We also got to see what I think are hints towards how Wally will get his speed. He mentioned in episode that he dreams about being a speedster, which lines up with Magenta saying that she dreamt about her powers in Flashpoint. At this point, it seems like Alchemy will be a big part in Wally becoming a speedster and perhaps we might be in a situation where Wally turns against Barry.

I really loved the scenes with Tom Felton this episode. The way he is delivering this role has a Malfoy vibe to it without going full Malfoy. Just the tone he speaks and the way he composes himself on camera really gives off the vibe that he is a character we need to know more about and he is someone we can’t trust.

Anytime we get to see Tom Cavanagh is always fantastic. It is actors like him and Jesse Martin that gives this show the heart it needs. I really liked the story arc they have him this episode and we get to see a parent have to go through watching their child become a speedster. We didn’t really get that with Barry. When Joe found out about Barry’s speed in the pilot episode, he was already committed to being The Flash.

Overall yet another outstanding episode. For me this season is 3 from 3 and I can’t wait to see what’s in for us in the rest of the season. Next week we get our first look at Mirror Master and the return of one of my favourite rogues, Captain Cold, so there is every chance that next week is going to be another great episode.



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