Swiss Army Man Review

Like many films I watch that aren’t big blockbusters, I usually get drawn towards them after a large amount of positive reviews heading it’s way. Swiss Army Man was one of those. Known to many as the Farting Corpse Movie, Swiss Army Man follows the adventure of two nearly friends and their adventure to get home. Except one of the friends is dead, or is he.

Swiss Army Man has the perfect blend between whacky adult comedy and heartfelt storytelling. In an hour and a half, this film pulls you through several emotions and keeps you on your feet wondering what is actually going on in front of you.

Something I really loved about this film, which was unexpected, was the music. I found that for every moment was happening, the music selection was perfect and spot on in every single way. They used really creative way to introduce the music into the scenes, often with humming from the characters or physical beats that are happening in the visuals.

With only two major cast members, it was important for both Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe to knock it out of the park, and I thought they did. Prior to this film, I did not know who Paul Dano was, but after this, he is someone I am going to remember. As he was the only ‘alive’ person for the most part of the film, I thought he brought enough humanity and personality to the character and his delivery that played the perfect contrast to Radcliffe. I can’t help but wonder what would of happened if Rupert Grint was cast in the role performed Dano.

However, for me Radcliffe was the stand out. Radcliffe continues to step out of his Harry Potter shadow and show some major acting chops. While most of his character’s scene involved a wax figure of him, when it was Radcliffe himself, his delivery as a corpse is spot on to how you’d assume it would be for a corpse. He brought a sense of naivety and entertainment to the role which was the source for most of the funny moments throughout the film.

Swiss Army Man is one of my favourite films of the year and presents itself much more than a film just about a farting corpse. Along with Sing Street, this is one of the hidden gems of year that I think everyone should see.



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