Supergirl – S02E02 The Last Children of Krypton

After the strong season premiere last week, Supergirl has really hit the ground running. Last week’s episode was an episode of Supergirl that really showed off what it can do as a show and I think much of that was to do with the change of tone brought with the move to the CW, and of course Superman. Moving into this episode, I think this is up there as one of my favourite episodes of Supergirl.

Last week really set the plot in motion for what we are expecting for this season ahead and I thought that this episode really further that and continued to set up the season for the long game. In this episode we got a proper introduction to the evil organisation that I assume we will be facing up against for most of the season. I have very limited knowledge of what Cadmus is except that it’s comic origin is from Project Cadmus, a genetic engineering project.

Cadmus created the villain/villains of the week, Metallo and Metallo 2. I thought they served their purpose really well in displaying what Cadmus can do as well as giving us a timely reminded to what Kryptonite can do to both Supergirl and Superman. Again, my comic knowledge on the character is limited but from what I’ve found, this character in himself could have been utilised more than just a throw away villain. In a way, that is my personal advantage of knowing much about each individual villain. Obviously there are hundreds of individual villains who at some point in the extended history of comics, played a major villain to a hero, but this can simply not be done in this TV format. This is something I do like about the villain of the week format the CW Superhero shows use in the opening half of the season. Through this we get to see a large gallery of comic book villains that we wouldn’t get a chance to see if we had to dedicate large portions of time in utilising each villain.

I thought the chemistry between Supergirl and Superman was outstanding this episode. My favourite episode of Supergirl is when the Flash crossed over and it was because seeing the chemistry between these two heroes was just executed so well. This was the case again this episode. Last episode we got more of an introduction to this version of Superman but this episode really explored the connection that Kara and Clark have as the survivors of Krypton.

A story arc I really loved this episode was the conflict between Superman and Martian Manhunter. It was introduced last episode that there was a disagreement between the two over the storage of Kryptonite within the facilities. I thought they found a resolution to the conflict perfectly during this episode. While most of it was because we got to see the effects of Kryptonite in the wrong hands, I think a large part of it was the conversation that was had in the Fortress of Solitude. I think in this conversation, we were able to see Martian Manhunter’s point of view as to why he wants it as protection. I loved his origin in season and anytime he makes reference to it really draws me in.

The departure of Cat Grant was something I didn’t see coming. I tried to stay out of the new loop for Supergirl purely because I am so far into the loop for Flash and Arrow and I wanted to have a show where things came as a surprise. With that, I assumed that Calista Flockhart would remain a season regular. On the departure itself, I feel that she is a big loss for the series. I thought she really stole her scenes and after most episodes it was either her performance or a line of dialogue that sticks with you. For me, she plays that Diggle/Joe role where you know she’s is going to be the one that puts our protagonist back on track and I think in a show like Supergirl, this role is needed.

Overall, a really fantastic episode of Supergirl. I think the move to the CW has done it a world of good and the use of Superman in the opening episodes has really set this season off to a good start.




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