Star Wars Rebels – S03E04 Hera’s Heroes

I watch Rebels for a very different reason to why I watch other shows. When I watch other shows, I watch them for the story they are telling me. Rebels is different. The reason I first started to watch the Clone Wars and now Rebels is because I wanted to learn more about the world of Star Wars. While I did love the story they were telling me in Clone Wars and I love the story we are being told in Rebels, it’s not the story that keeps me hanging for the next episode each and every week.

When I think about expanding the Star Wars canon through shows like Rebels, I split the expanding into two. Firstly there is expanding onto canon characters and events that we already have knowledge of. For me that was last weeks episode, giving Wedge a point of origin. The second is expanding on the world of Star Wars, introducing us to new characters and concepts. This episode falls into that.

We first saw Hera’s father and the young girl way back in Clone Wars. Firstly, I thought that them bring back an old character like that and using someone from that family line as one of our rebels was a really smart thing to do. I’ve always like Hera and how she plays the mother role in the group. Apart from getting those ships during last season, Hera hasn’t had a story to herself that give us as an audience an insight into Hera’s past. We got that with Zeb and Sabine in previous seasons. This was that episode for Hera and I loved it.

While her history itself was interesting and cool to see, there’s no denying that it was Thrawn who made this episode what it was. I know very little about Thrawn prior to this season so before this season started I tried to get a bit of knowledge on who this character is. This episode represent Thrawn spot on to what I saw him as prior to this season. He is a character who plays the long game, someone who values other cultures and gives respect to his enemies when they deserve it. This is a form of villain we don’t get to see much of in general. Whenever we do, they are usually in a position that requires the character to be wise and mature enough to have that role. This episode itself single handedly made Thrawn one of the most interesting characters in the Star Wars universe.

Overall this was a really great episode. We got to learn more about the culture of Hera as well as more into our big bad of Thrawn. The only downside I have about having Thrawn in this series is that chances are, he isn’t going to be converted over into the live action presence. This series butts right up against A New Hope and with no mention of him there, we can only assume he is all but gone.



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