The Flash – S03E02 Paradox

I really loved the premiere episode of season 3 of the Flash and after last week I was really exited to jump into our new timeline this episode. I spent all week thinking of how different it is going to be but either way I was excited.

I honestly started off hating this episode. I don’t mean hating as in the show is awful, I just hated seeing our loved characters having these different lives. When we went to Earth 2 last season, I had a lot of fun with it because I knew this reality and anything that happened doesn’t effect our timeline we have progressed with. This was different. This was our timeline. This was the timeline we have to live with, and seeing this dark reality that we are now stuck with was such an awful feeling. Taking away from the changes themselves, I really liked how they present these changes through Barry telling Felicity a step by step through his day. I’ve always really liked Barry and Felicity together and thought they have a great on screen chemistry so it was great to see them interacting together again. I also liked how it tied in the Arrow changes and see that they are all the same expect for the Diggle having a boy rather than a girl. This ties into Legends of Tomorrow when they travel to the future to see John Diggle Jr as the new Green Arrow.

I really loved the scene with Jay and Barry. Apart from the brief appearance last season, we didn’t get to see much of John Wesley Shipps version of Jay Garrick. He is the most mature Flash we have scene and I liked how he played the wise guy in Barry’s moment of struggle. Also seeing how this version of the Flash lives in the 80’s is extremely cool and there’s part of me that hopes we get to go back there in some way.

My favourite moment of this episode was the scene where Barry is explaining to Team Flash what has happened and how everything is different. After hating how everything was at the start of the episode, seeing Barry own up to it and telling the truth was a bit of a relief. But what made this my favourite moment was the emotion in this scene. A lot of credit to the writers but the performances of everyone in that scene was amazing. Every now and then we see moments during this series where we can see how Gustin has progressed as an actor and this was one of them. The emotion and darkness he gave with the deliverance was so outstanding that you can feel like you are being told this for the first time. Carlos Valdes also really stood out in this scene for me too. The devastation on his face knowing that his brother is meant to be alive was gut wrenching. Seeing a depressed Cisco was one of the hardest things to watch. I count the following scene with Barry and Cisco as the same sequence and I also thought it was outstanding. Seeing these two have such an emotional confrontation is something I don’t think we have really seen between these two characters before. For me, this was the scene where we see Barry is the most regretful because we are watching this scene unfold so differently to how it usually does in our happier timeline.

Touching on Tom Felton, I is a great edition to the cast. They way he was introduced and portrayed the new CSI lab rat was fantastic. I really loved how they kept him English. They could have easily made him portray himself as an American but allowing that accent to come through really gave him character. The contrast between his voice and the other actors was really interesting and I think I’m really going to love what they will do with him this season. Like many people, I believe he has a really strong connection with Dr Alchemy. Whether or not it is actually him or is in some way a Flashpoint version of him, he has to be connected to him in some way.

Overall, I think this is one of my favourite episodes of The Flash of all time. I love character development episodes and this was one that is up there with me like The Runaway Dinosaur from season 2. Season 3 continues to beat on and I think we are in for one of the best seasons of TV I have ever scene.



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