Supergirl – S02E01 The Adventures of Supergirl

Supergirl is a show that started really slow, but by the end of the first season, I found myself completely invested into it. With that, the second season was something I was really looking forward too. With it moving to the CW and boosting the casting of Superman, it raised my excitement for this season.

I thought this episode was great. It gave us time to find our feet back into the world of Supergirl as well as bring in new plot points that we are going to play out for the rest of the season. If you have read previous reviews, you know that reintroducing us to the world and setting up plot is the two biggest things I look for in a season premiere and I thought that this episode did really well with that.

The inclusion of Superman was always going to be a massive thing and I was worried that he might steal the spot light of the episodes he is in and it would become and Superman show. In this episode, this didn’t happen. While their were a few scenes that were completely centred on Superman or Clark Kent, I got to this episode still feeling as though this was Supergirl’s show and Superman was indeed a side character. I also liked how they built a history around Superman in this show, making mention of previous things he had done like putting Lex Luthor into jail. That really gave me a sense that this show takes place in such a greater universe as well as in a way magnifying the fact that Superman is the leading hero in this world and Supergirl struggles with stepping out from his shadow.

I have to touch on Win because I thought he was really well handled this episode. He was always going to be the Felicity/Cisco Tech person of the team like we saw last year, but I felt as though the character they want him to be could shine more on the CW. This episode we saw a Cisco vibe to him without him being a complete replica and I really liked that. Cisco is one of my favourite Flash characters and to have a similar framework in this show is something that makes it easy to watch.

The only downside I really had with this episode was everything with Jimmy and Kara. Romance is a completely natural thing to have in a TV but it has to be handled the right way. In season one they were building to the moment they end up together and once it finally happened, it was over. I would of liked to see them have to work thing out and play a similar arc to what Barry and Patty had to play out in season 2 of the Flash.

Overall, a really good premiere episode. For me it wasn’t a standout like the Flash and Arrow but it did what it needed to do to have a really successful second season.



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