Star War Rebels – S03E03 The Antilles Extraction

What Star Wars Rebels does so well that makes me keep watching and love this show, is their ability to build the Star Wars world. I mentioned it last week how they did a great job on expanding the Star Wars Universe and I thought they did the same again this week.

I think that this could have easily been a low episode for the season. Each season there’s a few episodes that are catering to the younger audience and for the most part doesn’t play all that much into the overall story. They are basically pointless. This wasn’t one of those episodes. While I was a back step as far as the overall season plot line, what it did was expand on the Star Wars Universe massively. This episode gave an origin story to one of the most famous B characters in the Star Wars Universe. Wedge is a character that we saw though all 3 original movies and we just saw him as a good pilot for the Rebellion, with no major information on how he got there. This episode did this. Every time we watch the original trilogy and maybe even Rogue One, we are going to have a different outlook of who Wedge is. To now know that he defected from the Empire and was extracted by our favourite group of rebels.

What this show is doing is starting to insert our rebels into Star Wars history. They are starting to play a role in the Rebellion where we are going to see the results of their actions in the films and I love that.

Overall it was a great contained episode. It’s big highlight was how well it builds an origin of Wedge, but for me not much else really stood out. We got introduced to a new Empire pilot that I’m sure we will see more of, and we have a new mystery character to guess who is helping out our Rebels.



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