The Flash – S03E01 Flashpoint

Thank god that Flash is back. The Flash is by far one of my favourite shows of all time and I have never been more excited for a season like this one. The idea of exploring Flashpoint really excited me and I was great to jump into.

I loved this episode. I thought it was fantastic. I had a few small problems throughout the episode but they were completely eliminated by the end. I honestly thought that the Flashpoint scenario was going to be a few episodes like the Earth 2 arc in season 2. So when what I assumed the end of our time in Flashpoint ended, I was really disappointed. I was a bit angry really that everything was going to go back to normal. But then it flipped. The flip was amazing. What I took out of this was that the timeline we started in during this episode isn’t our ‘Flashpoint’ timeline, this one is. I’m really going to love seeing this different dynamic between certain members. I’m really hoping this is now the timeline we are set in from now on, and this is where we get see a slightly different reality from the end of season 2.

Rewinding a bit, I loved how we jumped in straight away with Barry in this alternate timeline. I thought that Kid Flash looked amazing and I really loved how well they fit Wally’s personality into the Flash persona. I really hope we get to see more of him later this season. I also loved the Flashpoint version of Cisco. There was something really cool about seeing a more snarky version of Cisco that we got a taste of on Earth 2.

The Rival looks like he is going to be a really great villain  for this season. I liked how they revealed his identity straight away to show that we aren’t going to be left guessing like the past two seasons. We know he is going to be one of many villains this season so it’s going to be good to still have a speedster villain but not have him as the main big bad.

I really loved the scenes with Barry and the Reverse Flash. I know we have had very little with this version of the Reverse Flash but I really love when we see Matt Letscher play the role. The was he plays it is very different to the Well’s version but I really like the contrast we get between them. I thought the moment where he makes Barry tell him that he needs him to kill his mom was really powerful and really hit the nail on the head of why Flashpoint can’t happen. I know Letcher is coming back for Legends of Tomorrow so I’m really excited to see him play a part in that.

I really loved this episode and I am extremely excited for this season. I think that next episode is when we are going to see the flow on effect from the Reverse Flash editing the timeline and dive in deeper to the Iris/Joe relationship and what else has been changed from the end of season 2. I have to note that I thought it was interesting that we are picking up season 3 right where season 2 finished. This is the first time in either Arrow or Flash that we haven’t had some form of time jump between the seasons and I’m interested to see if that changes the way the season plays out.



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