Magnificent 7 Review

Magnificent 7 was a movie I knew very little about til the trailer hit. I haven’t seen the original so my expectations for this movie was set completely from what I saw in the trailer. I loved this trailer. The tone it set gave you a rush of adrenaline and got me so excited for this movie. However, once I walked in, it didn’t continue.

There is one word to summaries this movie for me, disappointing. This movie was built up so much in my head that when I got there, it was just a let down. While there were some positives that I really did enjoy about the film, I think that the overall story and writing of the film let it down dramatically.

The main problem I had with Magnificent 7 was the final act. First of all, it was just too long. There got to a point that you think it is over but they find a way to revamp it and continue it one even further. While the action looked amazing, which I will touch on late, I just found that I was getting bored with the constant and what felt like pointless fighting. The second problem I had with it was the believability. While in a film you commonly expect that the hero with be able to handle themselves against a small group of thugs, but this took it out of hand. The fact that there were 7 of them all individually taking multiple groups of villains, and they manage to land every hit yet not got hit once until late in the final act. Which takes me to the final problem I had with the last act, the deaths weren’t at all earned in my opinion. There’s a point during the film that you work out that not all of the 7 will survive this, and I think as the film makers, they knew this too. But instead of earning the deaths, they decided to kill of 3 of the 4 known actors and the 1 character that everyone seemed to love. For me it was just bad writing and they could of made us care about their deaths so much more than they did.

Something else I really didn’t like in the Magnificent 7 was the formation of the team and character developments. In both departments it was extremely poor. There is next to no back story for many of the characters and they get no further interesting story for the rest of the film. This part of the reason these deaths weren’t earned. Yes it’s ballsy to kill off the highest paid actors but it doesn’t make it right. Character development and a stupid D’Onofrio accent really took me out of the film and made me view the 7 as more of a comedy group rather than a group of bandits.

Magnificent 7 seemed to of taken the Marvel route and had one of the worst villains I have ever seen. He was pointless. Spoiler alert but all he does is make an intimidating speech because his goons are pointing guns at people, kills one guy, then stands back from the town yelling orders til all his troops have been killed, at which point he turns into the weakest whimp of all time. I’m not sure how much of this is to be blamed on the directing or writing, but the actor they cast was simply not up to scratch. They needed an actor that has a presence and can deliver a line in a way that gives intimidation. Instead we got a bumbling guy who we had to believe was one of the most feared people in the country.

As I mentioned before, a big positive in this film was the action. Even through the last act on a whole was a major let down, it still was a great spectacle to watch a big western fight. My favourite action sequence though was the first time they team up together in their first fight. I thought that it had the perfect balance of team work mixed in with action. Each character except one got to display their skills and this fight really pumps you up for what the final act can be. Unfortunately that adds to the downfall of the final act being so disappointing for me.



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  1. Dan O. says:

    Nice review. It’s fun. Not perfect. But still fun.


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