Atlanta Mid Season Review

I have always been a massive fan of Donald Glover so when I heard he was making a TV show I was really excited. I’ve always loved his comedic timing and I know how creative he is so the early signs for Atlanta were great. And the signs followed through.

Five episodes in and Atlanta has already found it’s voice and footing into what sort of show it wants to be, and I love it. After five short weeks, this is already a show I want to turn into each and every week just to spend time with these characters. I find it amazing how they have already created a vibe with this show so early on in its lifespan.

The comedy and timing of this show is fantastic. It is extremely well written and the combine it with the delivery by the actors makes a really great combination that is not only believable but extremely entertaining.

My biggest down point for this series however is that it is only 10 episodes. We are already half way through the season and I feel like I could be watching this show 2 or 3 times a week. Its rumoured that they are aiming for 12+ next season which I think would be fantastic, but the more Atlanta we get the better.



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