Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S04E02 Meet the New Boss

Second week in and I am already strapped back into season 4. I thought this second episode was the perfect follow on from last weeks episode. I thought it did a great job reintroducing us into the Marvel world and furthering the plot points set up by the previous episode.

I really loved the character chemistry they are setting up with Robbie Reyes and Daisy. I’m hoping we get to see this grow more and see more of the anti-hero qualities in the two characters working together. So far I’ve really loved everything with Ghost Rider and I think up until this point they have really utilised him well.

I am really liking this plot line they are forming with the ghosts. I’m not sure how much of a presence they are going to have with the rest of season but I’m liking everything thats happening so far. I like how May is getting a part in it and it gives her her own arc that can play out throughout the season.

I really liked the reveal of who the knew Director. I’m happy they went for the unknown route but they had the reveal that he is an enhanced person. I’ve always liked when the show makes reference to the films and I thought they tied in the reason why they needed an enhanced person at the front really well.

Overall, it was a great follow up episode to the premier last week. It really furthered the season and continue to set up what we are going to be seeing in the next 20 weeks or so.




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