Sully Review

I am a sucker for true story movies. I just love them. There is something about learning about an event or someone’s life that is just interesting to me. Sully is no different. As I don’t live in America, I had known about the plane landing in the river however my knowledge of the event stopped there.

I really enjoyed this movie. I’ll admit, it was a little different to how I thought it was going to be but it was different in a good way. Eastwood found a way to bring this movie to a human level. By this I mean he was able to tell the story of the crash and the events that followed through they eyes of multiple people involved. This made the film really relatable being able to see the point of view from Sully himself, the passengers and the crew on board the plane as well as the serve crew that were apart of the rescue.

Another this Eastwood does is that I really enjoyed was the way this film was complied. He does something interesting where the film jumps back and forth between the crash itself, the investigation afterwards and past life experiences of Sully. I think this really kept the movie interesting because we got to see how there is so many factors that play into the movie. What was surprising about this was it didn’t feel repetitive in anyway. When you see the plane crash for the third or fourth time, each time you feel like you are seeing something different. This is because you get the same event from multiple points of view like I mentioned before.

Credit also has to be given to Tom Hanks. I thought his really nailed the emotional side this is film surprisingly has. The way he portrays the character during the immediate events after the crash  was really fantastic and he had your full attention every scene he was in.



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