Star Wars Rebels – S03E01 Step Into Shadow

Rebels is back! If you have read my previous reviews on Star Wars Rebels you will know that I am very big on this show. After getting sucked into Clone Wars and then getting flown straight into Rebels, I’ve really loved what they have done furthering the Star Wars world in this animation format.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, there are 2 things I look for in a season premier that makes it a success for me. The first one is it has to catch as up as an audience on what’s been happening since the finale of the last season and act as kind of a reminder as to what’s happening in the show. The second is that it sets up the season to come. This means new story plots and characters that will drive the story forward for the season.

The opening episode of Rebels season 3 really hit both those points for me. I thought they were able to show the time progression really well through having a episode arc of Ezra having a leadership role. Within that, we got to see Ezra put his training into action. While we could see his training progressing through the second season, we never got to see him be so fluent in his fighting style like we did here. This makes me really excited to see this show starting to go more towards the Jedi and force stories rather than a show about a group of rebels.

Personally I loved all the Kanan scenes. A large part of that was because of the ancient The Bendu and his interactions with Kanan. I really love when shows and movies further deeper into the world it is in and this is what these scenes do. I really hope that we get more of this and we get to see Kanan become the wise blind guy.  With this too, ruling Kanan out of turning to the dark side isn’t too far out of the question for me.

As mentioned, the second thing a premier has the do is set up the future plot points of the season, and again, Rebels nailed it. I didn’t have much prior knowledge of Thawne before this season but I’ve heard nothing but great things about the character, and by the sounds of it, what Rebels gave us, is what Thawne is know to be. I really enjoyed the introduction of Thrawne this episode. I’m happy that they introduced him straight away rather than having us wait a number of episodes. This way we get to see more of him as a villain and for people like me, learn more about what he is like as a character.

Overall it was a great welcome back to Star Wars Rebels. From everything they set up in this hour premier really has me exited for to see the season that is ahead and get to learn more about the Star Wars world as a whole. Throw in the release of Rogue One later this year and I think we are in for yet another great season of Star Wars Rebels.



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