Mr Robot Season 2 Review

Mr Robot is one of the most interesting and creative shows I have seen in a long time. I was relatively late to the Mr Robot train by binging the first season right before season 2 kicked off.

I loved season 1. I’m normally the sort of viewer that doesn’t think too much into what I’m watching unless theres a point to it. I think this played a big part into how I saw season 2 in comparison to season 1. I went into season 1 with a blank mind and not overthinking, where I went into season 2 the complete opposite.

Stepping away from my expectations, I thought this was an overall really well done. I think some of my favourite episodes of all time came during this season. Something this season did really well was play to their audience for the most part. At this point, the audience knows what to expect and knows to expect a flip anywhere that’s possible. With this I thought that this season took this in a really creative way with the first few episodes being set in a prison. My favourite episode the TGIF Alf episode because it was done in such a comedic and creative way while adding on to the plot.

I really liked the character progressions this season. I thought the constant back and forth with Mr Robot and Elliot was really well played out all season while we got the contrast with fsociety trying to operate amongst themselves. I’ll admit I wasn’t to sure on Dom to start the season but the further the season progress, the more I liked her as a character. I really like her scenes at the back end of the season because it really changed the way we saw her as a character and we grew an attachment to her. Personally though I loved Craig Robinson’s character as the Warden. While we didn’t know he was the Warden at the time, the was Robinson played the part really drew me in and I found myself loving all the screen times with him. As someone who we mostly know as a comedic actor, I thought he nailed that darker tone perfectly and was able to portray a very interesting character.

Overall, I thought this season fell short from the first, however I still heavily enjoyed it. I think for me, most of the disappointed from this season was created in my head after going into it was such high expectations. What made the first season so good was because we went in blind so when everything flipped, we were off put. Like many people, I went into this season expecting more flips and while there were some great ones with the prison, I think expectation got the upper hand in this situation. Despite that though, I am still excited for season 3. I’m interested to see where they are going to take this story and see what other flips they throw up at us.



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