Bad Moms Review

Bad Moms is a movie that I didn’t expect much from.I knew from the start it was going to be the typical loud, R rated comedy that is going to make you laugh throughout. And the movie was that.

In many ways, this movie was nothing special. If you can imagine Mean Girls cross Step Brothers and you get Bad Moms. Bad Moms really embrace that R rating and I think this movie wouldn’t be able to do what it did with a PG rating.

I thought the cast was extremely good in this. Mila Kunis played the everyday busy mum role well, Kathryn Hahn nailed the trashy mum and Christina Applegate had the presence of evil mum that was portrayed great. My favourite however was Kristen Bell as the naive house wife. I thought the character was one of the funniest because she wasn’t meant to be a comedic character but more of a weird one. I thought her character was very well written and they were able to draw her humour out through the characteristics and delivery from Bell rather than making her say generic fun lines.

Overall, this was a fun movie. There were so many great comedic moments however I think the originality really lets this movie down. It’s the typical damaged underdog takes on the top dog who turns out the be the most damaged of them all. But that aside, it’s an easy funny movie that if I saw it on TV, I probably would watch it again.



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