Sausage Party Review

For a movie that started off my top 10 most anticipated films list, as the year went on, it climbed higher and higher up this list. With the trailer, this was one I was looking forward to for a while. We have already had an R rated movie in a genre we wouldn’t expect with Deadpool, so as an audience we knew this was going to be something different.

I’m just going to jump to it. I thought this movie was great. For me this was everything I wanted it to be. Everyone knew that with Rogen at the helm, there was going to be sex jokes everywhere, which there was, but I thought there was so much more to this film. While the sex jokes and reference were great with that premise driving the whole last scene of the film, this movie was well written all round. What they did well that was one of my favourite aspects of the film was bring in real life references and put it in the aspect of food. While I agree for the most part they took the sterotypical route, I thought this was one of the situations where it was well used. Even though most people can say what food comes from what country, the fact that they embraced the cultural origins of the food and were able to design locations of the film based off the food in the isles was so well executed and gave the overall film a strong feeling of adventure.

As expected, the voice casting was fantastic. Personally, my favourite voice was Michael Cera as Barry. Cera has that naive voice that suites the roles he usually plays in film. This was no different. Playing the little sausage that gets picked on but ends up being the hero was a role made for Cera’s voice. I also thought Rogen and Wiig worked fantastically as the romantic sausage and bun and Edward Norton as a bagel was fantastic. I didn’t notice his voice and I spent the whole film trying to work it out but once it was revealed it made so much sense. Apart from the main cast, the rest of the voice cast in their minor roles such as Craig Robinson, Johan Hill, James Franco and Paul Rudd were all great.

Story wise, I was really surprised. We could pick most of it from the trailer that the food becomes self aware and plan to take down the humans. What surprised me a bit was how little was actually spent outside of the store. I had heard that is was mainly store based before going into the movie and I was a little worried, but after seeing it I thought it worked great. The scenes that were done outside of the store served their purpose great and played into the overall story happening in the store.

Overall I had so much fun with this movie. Where I think this movie does fall short though is the rewatchabilty. I don’t think that anyone is going to have a problem with just putting on a Sunday afternoon, but I thought there wasn’t much in terms of quotability. Personally, movies such as Step Brothers and Borat have that quotability that you can say anywhere and people are going to know the reference. I don’t think this movie has that. For me, for a comedy to reach those levels, there has to be lines that everyone knows after one watch. Aside from that, this movie is fantastic. I know for some people, this type of comedy isn’t their cup of tea, but for those who are, I think this is a must watch.



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