Sing Street Review

Sing Street is a film I went into knowing very little about except that it had received good reviews all round. Having a very limited screening, for many people Sing Street is off their radar as far as movies go but after seeing it, I think it’s one that should be added to everyones to watch list.

I’m going to start by saying Sing Street is a pretty predictable movie for the most part. As your watching it you can sit there and be like, this is going to happen next, then it does, and that is the flow of the whole movie. While in some cases, predictability is a massive negative. I think it’s different in this case. These is a typical love story that in order for it to work it needs to naturally play out as a love story. I felt that if the movie was to be taken in an odd and unpredictable twist, the story points that you have invested yourself into would completely go to waste. The fact that it is predictably makes it’s relatable and it really stands out in the movie.

I thought the cast was fantastic. For me, the unknown cast is another reason to why this story is such an appealing one. Because we don’t know this cast as other character, you are able to feel like the story that is being played out is the story of those individual cast members.

Sing Street is a a feel good story that has you invested into it from second one. I got to the end of this movie not quite knowing what I really liked about it but I just knew that whatever it was, I really liked this movie.



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