Pokemon Go 24 Hour Review

With the game about to hit the 24 hour mark in Australia, I thought it was a perfect time to do a first impression on the game.

So far I honestly haven’t done too much in it. The core of the game is for you to travel to different places around in your local area. For that involves physically moving. Not that I have anything against the game using real world locations, it just makes it hard to get started when its late in the afternoon and you’ve just got home from being out. This is in no way a big negative though. Just as a player, to establish yourself in this game you have to be willing to spend a day traveling around to visit Pokestops and Gyms.

Apart from the difficulty in starting up, I think the idea of what this game is is brilliant. I feel like once I do establish myself, the game is going to go from something your on every 2 seconds to something that when you go somewhere new you will get to explore it in a Pokemon sense.

Of course being the first week of release, the serves are really up and down. Although it has been a bit frustrating due to it costing me a good Pokemon I was in the middle of catching or a new Pokestop that I finally went to visit, it is all to be expected in this type of game. I have been surprised however that I hasn’t really been down for long periods of time for me. If it does go down, usually within 5 minutes or so it is back up, which is pretty efficient for a game like this.

A feature, or lack of feature, that I think I really do like is how there is no notifications. While to a point it would be nice to be walking down the street and your phone tells you theres a Pokestop or Pokemon nearby, I feel that it would wear off really quick and become extremely annoying. With no notifications it is really just up to the player to decide when we want to play rather than forcing you into playing.

The final thing that I was really concerned with going into the game but I am now perfectly find with is the real money system. I was worried that to actually do anything productive in the game you would have to spend heaps. I can safely say that there isn’t much you have to really buy. With the Pokestops, you can collect items you need and the same thing happens every time you level up. At the current moment I’ve only spent a little bit of money just to buy candles that attract Pokemon because I wasn’t bothered going out to look for them. But that was on me wanting to progress in the game from the comfort of my bed rather than out on the streets. Like a lot of game that you can play both by paying and for free, I think they have a really nice balance where if you want to venture into the paid side, it isn’t over priced, but if you want to go at it for free, it can easily be done.

After 24 hours, I can say this game is great. While I’m yet to get into the nitty gritty of it, having only gone to my first gym this morning, I can see where they want this game to go. At the moment I am really into it and I’m looking forward to finding time and exploring the Pokemon world.


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