Finding Dory Review

Finding Dory is a film that I honestly didn’t really see coming. For me Finding Nemo was a great well rounded film that I didn’t think left itself open for possible sequels. So with that, when Finding Dory was announce, I really had my worries.

Coming out of this film however I can say that Finding Dory was a hit. I thought the characters, especially Dory, was able to step out of the Nemo and Marlin shadow and really shine on their own. The voice casting was fantastic in this film. Ellen really matched her voice performance from Finding Nemo and I thought the inclusion of the Modern Family stars was a massive bonus voice wise.

It has been a while since I’ve seen the original Finding Nemo but I think that Finding Dory provides a more emotional story line that really hit across the board as far as emotional film points go.

Dory also had so many comedic moments that from memory I can’t remember Finding Nemo having. While Nemo is funny in its own way, I thought the comedy of Ellen really shone through. I thought the amount of typical adult humour was the perfect amount which really made this film enjoyable for all ages.

There were a few down points I found for this film. I thought the ending was a bit over the top. The premise of talking fish interacting in a human world works just fine but having an octopus driving a truck was just that bit to far. While it is a kids film, I feel like from a general film stand point, they pushed their premise that bit to far.

The second down point was more of a personal thing and in the end is the main reason why I personally still rate Finding Nemo above Finding Dory. A small thing that I found was missing from this film was the sense of adventure. While Dory got to visit multiple places in the marine rescue centre and got to go through a multiple of different environments, I felt that coming out of it, not much of it was memorable. Unlike Finding Nemo where we had the whole sequences with the turtles, the jellyfish, the sharks, the deep sea fish and the whale, I don’t think the kid play tank scene or the open ocean exhibit is quite going to stack up against the memorable sequences from Finding Nemo.

While Finding Dory didn’t quite top Finding Nemo for me, it was still a worthy sequel to the much loved Disney Pixar film.



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