Game of Thrones – S06E10

Another year, another Game of Thrones season over. Season 6 of Game of Thrones is potentially one of the best season of television ever made. I thought that this season brought together all the best parts of Game of Thrones that we have started to love the past 6 years and put it into turbo mode. I think full credit to the writers being able to take this characters that George R Martin has sculpted and taken them to a whole new level.

Onto the finale itself, Game of Thrones finales are always a really different format to what we are use to for normal tv finales. Normally we have to big dramatic ending with the last 10 or so minutes setting up for the next season to follow. What Game of Thrones does each and every season is have the big showstopper episode 9 and they do those last minute tip offs and set ups for the next season. Yet again we got the same amazing format this year. After the amazing Battle of the Bastards episode last week, we knew that this episode was going to be more of an all round episode that had a bit of everything.

By far the biggest surprise of the episode was Cersi as the Mad Queen. I had strong vibes like many other people that this episode was going to be the end for Tommen and of course it was. What was the biggest surprise though was the end for so many other characters, most importantly, The High Sparrow and Margery. I never really took a moment to thought what the future of these characters would be for the end of the show. I just always kind of assumed they were going to just be around. But that is Game of Thrones for you. You think someone is safe, then they are gone. I have to say full credit to the director for the opening of this episode. The sequence with no words being spoken for the most part and the piano in the background just built the tone of the episode and I thought it was amazing. That can also be said with the work on the Wildfire destroying the church. I thought that scene looked amazing. Capping off everything at Kings Landing, I never thought Cersi would actually get the throne at any point. I always thought that it would go through a few hands but always be just out of reach of her. Now she is officially the Mad Queen.

The other big moment of the episode was the final resolution to a point of R + L = J. While I really loved everything with Bran and how we got a sort of prequel sequence, I was waiting for it to have a overall meaning for the show as a whole. In this episode we got it. We got to see Bran follow Ned up to the Tower of Joy and get to see a little baby Jon. Anyone who was following this theory knew straight away it what was going on and knew it was Jon. For those who don’t know the theory however, I thought the episode did a great transition between baby Jon and Jon now which let us easily connect the two together. What needs to be addressed next season though is that now we have the L = J part of the theory confirmed, we just have to wait to see if we get the R side of it.

The last big part of the episode that I have to touch on is Daenarys. I got to say that the scene with her and Tyrion where she gave him the pin to name him Hand of the Queen was amazing. The amount of emotion that was in the scene was one of the most emotional scenes I have seen this year in television. Moving on from that scene itself, Daenarys finally is heading to Westeros. That scene at the end with all the ships and the dragons was THE scene we have been waiting for since the end of season 4. Daenarys really hit a momentum stop last season and it was finally great to have her ruling yet again and back on track of taking the thrones.

The way it is heading, after this finale, I’m counting on Daenarys as Queen of the 7 Kingdoms, Sansa the Queen of Winterfell as she is the most elder Stark, Jon Targaryen is a strong force next to her cousin Daenarys in Kings Landing and good old Tyrion is acting as the Hand of the Queen with his loyal brother Jaymie head of the Kings Guard.



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