Game of Thrones – S06E09

Game of Thrones. When people say that, for many, this episode is going to be one of the first things that people think of. While for my personally this isn’t quite my favourite GoT episode of all time, it is defiantly up there.

First of all, what I loved about this episode is that we just didn’t follow the events of the bastards. I’ll keep it quick but I thought the sequence with Daenarys and her dragons is one of my favourite scenes of Game of Thrones. That being backed up with Greyworm’s clean neck slit. However, my favourite ever scenes of Game of Thrones happened in this episode.

The battle was purely amazing. Everything from the build up in episodes leading up, to the final straw in Jon’s anger when Ramsey killed Rickon. That scene alone was written so well that as an audience we felt the death. While to a point it wasn’t the most surprising death, it goes down as one of the most emotional ones because we felt it through Jon.

The battle itself was fantastic. The way it was choreographed, edited and shot is one of the best displays of filming I have ever seen. This scene alone is better than most action scenes we see in the theatres. If you’ve seen the short YouTube video where we get to see how they make this scene, you know that this is one of those occasions where the amount of time and effort that went on behind the scenes was equally represented on what we saw on the screen.

I really loved the ending at Winterfell. The fact that we saw a broken Jon that wanted nothing but revenge able to humanise himself enough to know that this isn’t his fight. His fight was for Winterfell and he won that. The fight with Ramsey is Sansa’s. I’ll admit, I was a little disappointed with how Sansa ended Ramsey. While it was great seeing her get her revenge and that small smirk was fantastic, I felt that she should of been the one to physically end him. Instead the dogs got that duty. What it does though is show the type of character Sansa is. I am starting to think more and more that she is becoming a Little Finger type character where she isn’t the one to directly do the damage but she is the one pulling all the strings.



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