Game of Thrones S06E07

I’m going to start by saying that I thought my episode was playing up the begin with. No opening credits had me really confused. But it was for the better. Because we got the god damn Hound back! Since Arya ‘killed’ him, I always thought he would return. In this day and age of TV and movies, no one is truely dead unless you see a body and a funeral.

From then on the episode continued to role on strong. While this wasn’t a big bang episode where everything happens and a million people die, it was an amazing Game of Thrones episode. What makes me really enjoy a series is when an episode can take a back seat and just lets the plot play out without anything major happening. For most people, they are called filler episodes, and to a point they are. But it’s when these filler episodes are executed so fantastically and build up the story for the final few episodes that it really makes me love the show.

I really loved everything with Jon and Sansa this episode. I thought the chemistry in negotiation with Jon, Sansa and Davos was so strong and at that point they probably could convince me to do anything. I thought the little girl was fantastic.I know we are starting to get to the back end of the series but I really hope she’s a character we get to see more of in the next couple of years.

All the scenes at Kings Landing were great as well. This is really the first time we get to see the High Sparrow have control over the city. With him controlling Tommen and Margery, he becomes one of the most powerful characters in the show. What I really liked about these scenes is how they show that the High Sparrow wants the bigger fish. He tries to use Margery to get her grandmother on board with the High Sparrows plans. Over this season I’ve really loved the High Sparrow. He is the same sort of character we have Little Finger where he is a manipulator and gets his power through other people.

Something I thought was really smart this episode was the contrast between Arya and the Hound. As the Hound reappears, alive and healthy, we get to see what the Faceless Assassin has for Arya. As soon as I saw the old lady I knew something was going to happen, and when she first started getting stabbed, I thought it was going to be the end of Arya. I don’t think she will die on the bases that her story only really features her, and to kill her would to completely remove that story. While the Red Wedding in many ways ended the storyline had by Rob and Catylin, it produced flow on effects that we are still seeing today.

Overall a really great episode. I really like how they are building to the end of the season and with 3 episodes left, I think we are in for a big one.



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