The Nice Guys Review

The Nice Guys is a film that I didn’t see a lot before going into it. I had heard heaps of positives going into it but I was essentially going in blind. This movie was just straight out fantastic. I’m going to start by saying that for me personal, I really feel that this is going to be one of those movies that whenever it comes on TV I’m going to watch it.

As far as humour goes it nailed it. As a comedy you expect it to be funny but it’s a type of comedy that I didn’t expect. The Nice Guys has a MA 15+ rating here in Australia which is the same rating as Deadpool, but I feel the sense of comedy was completely different. Deadpool would not have worked without that R rating but I really think that The Nice Guys could have easily been a lower rating. Thats a massive compliment to the movie for me. To say that the humour was so genuine and they didn’t rely on using corse language to get laughter really stands out as what I really loved about this film. I do however understand the high rating because this film is essentially about pornos which they simply couldn’t do without that rating.

I really liked the story the film had. Story is always a massive thing for me in films and it is often the thing that makes a great comedy even better. I’ll admit, it was a bit confusing at the start to follow what was happening and who was who, but in the end it all clicked together and I think second viewing will really benefit from it.

I thought the cast was fantastic. Gosling and Crowe had a fantastic chemistry together and they nailed the buddy-cop aspect of the film. Gosling especially was outstanding, most of my favourite moments of the film were things done by Gosling. I think however, my favourite person in the film was Angourie Rice. She played Goslings daughter and her character in many ways seemed like the most intelligent. I thought she nailed the role and I thought she handled the role of what seems like the strongest supporting character.

I really loved this film. So many times I gave me massive laughs. This is one of those films that I really think everyone will at least like. Unless you are completely against nudity and swearing, there are so many genuine funny moments that will make anyone laugh.



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