Game of Thrones – S06E06

Coming off the massive Hodor moment last episode, I never expected this episode to be straight out amazing. Overall it was a really solid episode. While not a lot happened and there was no big death or reveal, it was still a very well put together episode that allowed us to take a bit of a back seat and started to invest us into the remained of the season.

What they have done this season which I’ve loved is continue the character from the previous episode into the first scenes of the next. I think this season they are trying to make a show that if people were going to go an binge it and watch episodes on end, that the season would feel more like a 10 hour movie similar to what Marvel has done with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. That did that again with Bran, continuing him on from the Hodor moment that ended last episode. I’ve also like how the story arc you see at the start of the episode is usually picked up later in the episode and continues on. I think the way they are planning their episodes and the placement of all the story lines has been great this season.

I think my favourite scenes from this episode was with Sam and Gilly and his family. We get to meet yet another king and get to see a family dynamic we haven’t really seen in Game of Thrones. We always knew that Sam was disowned by his father but it was great to actually see it. I thought it was a great character development moment with Sam in these scenes alone. At first we saw the timid Sam getting abused by his father but by the end he makes the decision to take Gilly with him and take the sword that is rightfully his. I hope they really explore this story a bit more and I hope this isn’t the last we have seen from Papa Sam.

I really liked the Ayra scenes in this episode. I always thought she was eventually going to turn her back on the faceless assassin and in this episode she did. I’ve really liked how the other girl who has been trainer her has been gunning for Ayra this whole time and never believed in her. It is really shown throughout all the training sequences and we finally get to see what it all comes to in the last few episodes. I really liked the play aspect last week and I thought it was fantastic again this week. I like how through the play they were able to create an emotional moment with Ayra. Already this season we have had Sansa and Jon come back together and had the reappearance of Rickon. For me I think they are trying to head towards a Stark reunion and I feel of all the Stark children, Ayra has had one of the biggest journeys since leaving Winterfell.

I really loved the ending to this episode. Daenarys story line has fantastically capped off two episode so far this season and I feel like her story is starting to build once again. I was really disappointed with her story last season but its been fantastic seeing her become a conquer again this season. The power she had in this final scene with her dragon was amazing and it really made me excited to see how her story is going to fold out for the remained of the season.



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