Arrow – S05E23 Schism

I’m going to start by saying two things. One, when a show is going bad, the way you view it tends to be more on the negative side. Two, a finale always goes under the microscope more than any other episode. With that, Arrow had an extremely tough assignment. And guess what, for me, they failed. Finales are meant to wrap up a season in a big bang and make us excited for what is to come in the next season. I can say that they only pulled off one thing, and a good episode wasn’t the one.

I’m going to keep this review short and sweet because I’m really lost for words about Arrow right now. What has this series come to. This episode had some of the sloppiest writing and just moments in general that simply made me wonder why I was still watching it. Everything from the moment when Darhk was like “I have men too” and suddenly an army comes running out like they had been waiting for the queue. Or when they could magically just stop every Darhk attempted without a real explanation why. Like couldn’t they be doing this stuff any other time than the last few minutes til they die?

As a season that started with so much potential and such an amazing villain, I really question how they managed to screw it up. And that was even with no Felicity family drama. I really hope they bring someone in next season to have a head over the whole season and make sure the season stays on track. That Kevin Smith idea is starting to gain momentum pretty quick.

There were a couple of positives however. Like always the choreography of the action was great. Even when the reason for it was at times a bit random or not that logical, it still all looked amazing. The scene when they are in the street fighting HIVE with the other citizens brought me shades of Batman vs Bane in TDKR.

I thought Curtis was again fantastic. I thought his ‘Diggle’ moment with Oliver about hope was delivered fantastically. Coming into this episode it was already announced he is going to be apart of season 5 and after what we have seen this season, I think it is a terrific move to keep him onboard.

What I really do like about this episode that they need in a finale is the set up for next season. I really liked the idea of having Oliver more on his own similarly to the earlier seasons. Hopefully they can back off the Felicity drama next season and see her more as that hacker role that I thought she played fantastically this episode. Also Mayor Oliver is going to be a role that I hope they nail. We have been looking forward to it since they started hinting to it earlier in the series so I really hope it is what we want as Mayor Oliver next season.

While I don’t think this series is anywhere near being out of the woods as far as the quality of the show, but I think season 5 has potential. As long as they keep Felicity toned down and nail the Mayor Oliver role, they will have a good foundation to build off for the season. On the episode itself. If this was the quality of an episode mid way through the season, it would of been a decent episode, but it wasn’t. A finale is meant to be your big bang. Flash just showed how to do it. While their finale wasn’t a complete knock out, it was still fantastic. Arrow has just missed the mark and for me its hard to believe that this comes from the same house that makes Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.



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