Flash – S02E23 The Race of His Life

With the finale upon I’ll start by saying, this season has been fantastic. The past few weeks especially have been some of the best TV I have ever seen, and that’s saying something. The build up to this episode was just perfect and I’m extremely sad that with this final episode my weekly dose of Flash is now over til November.

This episode started fantastic with them picking straight back from where we left off last week. I really like when they do this for a major reason, it makes the transition between episode to episode so smooth that when I eventually go and re-watch this season in one major sitting, I’m going to view this season as a day long movie rather than a weekly episodic show. The start was also fantastic. Yet another time remnant brought another layer of complexity to this season which we have been spoiled with lately.

Something I’ll admit that I really didn’t like about this episode was the plan they put together without Barry. While it all makes complete sense on paper, I sort of felt as though it was just a reason to remove Joe from Earth 1 and bring Barry back into the flood. That was really my only major problem with this episode which in the end made sense in the situation of the episode.

Everything else this episode was spot on however. The visual effects were outstanding this episode and you can tell they really saved their budget for this episode. It’s weird to thing that the thing I don’t like about this show is the visual effects for the most part. Not that they are awful in anyway, just you can really see their budget hindering what they display to us.

I thought the acting was fantastic again this episode. I really thought everyone really stepped up their acting this episode. Again there isn’t anything wrong with it week to week, I just felt that in this episode alone every character had an amazing stand out moment.

Of course the big reveal is the Man in the Iron Mask. As many of us had guessed it was JWS as the 90s Flash. I thought they really paced this reveal out well this season and they kept going back to it. I really liked how Zolomon revealed who he was without the face representations. Seeing a real Jay Garrick was fantastic and it really opens us up to the possibility of seeing more of him in the Flash universe.

The other thing I really loved was the transformation of Zoom. While his character as been one of the most feared characters we have ever had on the Flash, now that we have a Black Flash makes me really excited. On a side note, credit to Sears this season. He nailed both Zolomon and Jay throughout the season. While I don’t know if he will be brought back as the Black Flash, but I really hope he will.

Now to the ending and looking forward to season 3. My jaw was dropped for that whole season. When Barry started running, first thing I thought was he was going to leave town, then a portal appeared, so I thought he was going to jump Earths, but he didn’t. Barry has well and truely screwed the time line. I’m going to be completely honest. I’m scared for next season. Obviously we are going to start next season with an Earth 2 situation where everything will be different. The problem I have with this mainly is that this effects all the other shows. To think that every little detail is going to fall straight back into place with both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow I think is wrong. While Oliver is still going to be Arrow and to a point, the team on Legends will still be formed, chances are, Barry will no longer be The Flash. This is when I get a little excited. What if Barry returns to the present time and Wally is the Flash. I think that would be fantastic. Setting it aside though. I don’t want the whole season will be alternate time line. I really hope that in some way Barry goes back to re-reverse time and stops himself from taking out Thawne. While I completely agree that a season of alternate Flash would be amazing, the fact that this show is tied so much into the foundation of so many other shows, makes me think that there is a major flaw in having one show in an alternate timeline while the rest have essentially been wiped from existence.

This season has been amazing and there was no better way to end it than a finale like this one. While I absolutely loved it, it fell a little short from a near perfect episode for me, but with all the pressure it had as a finale, I don’t completely blame it.



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