Game Of Thrones – S06E05

This season of Game of Thrones is well and truly on fire. After so much build up in season 5, it has exploded and week after week they seem to be hitting home run for home run.This week was no different.

So much happened this episode and it was all amazing. Starting we at Castle Black we got to see Sansa and Little Finger meet each other for the first time since Sansa was sent to marry Ramsey. What I really like in this scene was how even when Little Finger was under the hammer and Sansa was dishing it all out to him, he was still pulling his strings. Dropping hints and tips to Sansa that she ended up taking on board and telling Jon about when they were trying to work out how they would return Winterfell to the Stark name. Coming from this we also got the extremely entertaining scene with Brienne and Tormund. I really hope they play this out. It would be amazing to see a team up like that and together see them taking out White Walkers.

While the Daenarys scene was brief it was really good. We finally got Captain Friendzone admitting his love for Daenarys, a scene that was well over due. Apart from that point, we got to see Daenarys leading an army once again. I’ve always liked when Daenarys is in charge and she is showing her determination and starting to build towards her end attack for the throne.

We got perhaps one of my favourite fight scenes since the Mountain popped the head of The Viper. I really loved Arya’s fight scene with the other faceless assassin. It was extremely brutal and the way it was choreographed was amazing and was paced really smoothly and well.

Of course it wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without a massive ending. Hold the Door. Finally we get to see how Hoodor transitioned from Willis to the Hoodor we know. I thought the was they did it was amazing. I really like how with Bran we are really starting to explore his powers as a Warg and are being able to see how he can influence the past. I thought the scene itself with Hoodor holding the door shut to stop the White Walkers was extremely emotional the the way they cut between present day and Bran Warging into the past was brilliant. I’m calling it now, White Walker Hoodor for the end of the season. Of course the other big things to come out of Bran’s scenes is we learned how the first White Walkers were create by the tree people and that the White Walkers are now on the chase for Bran. I’m not quite sure why they are after Bran specifically but I’m sure it will all be explained in the next few weeks.

Yet again, one of the most amazing episodes of the whole series has been produced out of this wonderful thing we call season 6. This is why Game of Thrones is so highly regarded as one of the best TV shows of all time and it’s really good to see that not having books to based the remaining episodes off is yet to hinder the quality.



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