X-Men Apocalypse Review

As someone who only recently went and watched all the X-Men movies for the first time, after seeing bits and pieces here and there, I went into this movie as a massive fan, especially of the new cast. I found that while I liked the original X-Men movies, it wasn’t until First Class and Days of Future Past that I really loved the franchise. Coming off that I had high hopes for what this film could bring. While I had heard mixed reviews overall of the film, I tried not to take much of it onboard to judge it for myself.

I really liked this movie. While I don’t rate it above Days of Future Past or First Class, it was still a great movie. I’ll start by saying the cast was fantastic. While for the most part this is a proven cast, they all continued what they have done in the pervious movies and were all great. Even with the talk around Jennifer Lawrence and her mailing it in, I thought she was good. While she might have not nailed it like she previously had, you still saw her as Raven. I have to talk about Michael Fassbender though. He was simply outstanding. Fassbender is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. Lately he has made some terrific acting choices and him as Magneto is one of them. In this movie we got an extremely emotional Magneto and Fassbender nailed it all. The intensity he brought to the role was fantastic and I found that I loved every moment that he was on the screen.

Moving on the Apocalypse, I really liked how they introduced him. I’m not too sure how much of his character was taken from the original comics but I really liked how they were able to establish him really early and from the start we learnt about what sort of villain he was. Oscar Isaac was fantastic in the role. Between him and Fassbender they were my favourite parts of the film. Again, Isaac has made some terrific acting choices lately and I think already he is starting to shake off his Poe tag he received from The Force Awakens. I thought Apocalypse himself was a decent villain. While the character wasn’t completely fantastic as a villain, I still thought he played his part fantastically in the scope of the film and for the most part the plot revolved around him.

The thing I loved most about this film is they gave every character a moment to shine. This film was a cramped cast when you look at it but you never felt that there was an overload. Every character had their own moments and I thought it was played out fantastic. Everyone from Nightcrawler, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Quicksilver, Storm and even Wolverine, all had a stand out moment that walking out of the film was memorable in their own way. Similarly to what they did with Civil War, I though X-Men did just as good of job at handling such a large cast.

While this movies isn’t going to quiet going to reach the top end my list of superhero movies or even top my list of X-Men movies, I still thought it was fantastic. I am really excited for what they have to come next in the series when they enter the new period of the 90s.



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