Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 Review

AoS is a show that managed to lose most of its viewership within the first few episodes. I’ll admit, the first half of its premier season wasn’t to great. But I am one of the ones that pushed on. I watched the rest of season 1 and it had me on good enough terms to try season 2. So I went on through season 2 and noticed a massive step up in quality. Season 2 was great. This of course had me really excited for season 3 and it had good reason. Season 3 of AoS is by far the best season the show has had.

When this season first started airing it was in direct competition in my eyes with Flash and Arrow. With this I usually watched all 3 shows at the end in a 3 hour block. By doing this I can say that up until the mid season break, more times than not I found that AoS had produced the best episode for the week. It was simply outstanding. The first half of the season contained my favourite episode which was 4,722 Hours. This episode was like a mini movie in itself where we got to see Gemma on the mystery alien plant. We followed here and found that she wasn’t alone and through her new companion Will, we as the audience started to learn about Hive. What I really loved about this episode was the characterisation we got with Simmons. We often automatically pair Fitz and Simmons together and just see them as a pair character, but after Fitz had his head injuries, I felt as though they were really split apart. We had one half of the pair in Fitz who had his own character arc through his head injury story line and it left me feeling that Simmons needed something for us to establish her. We got this with this episode. I thought everything from the writing to the way it looked was outstanding and I think for me personally it is up there with one of my favourite episodes of all time.

However with this episode came one of my small negatives I had for the first half of the season. Leading up to this episode we were given the massive reveal that Lash was able to transform into a human. With a cliffhanger this big all I wanted them to do is jump back into it the next episode but they didn’t. While I loved 4,722 Hours as an episode, I felt that placing in this season was a bit odd. For me if they had held back that reveal, the first half of the season would have flowed a lot better. 4,722 Hours for me was a bit of a pit stop and the episodes that followed I felt really struggled to both keep up the quality that 4,722 brought and also keep the present day story flowing from what had happened 2 weeks before. Thankfully after a couple of episodes I was stuck straight back into it and the first half of the season finished strong.

Moving into the second half of the season, I simply felt that the 3 month break was just way too long. I know that they do it this way to have a break over Christmas and New Year and also have it long to allow them to air Agent Carter, so I’m hoping that the mid season break won’t be as long next season now that Agent Carter has been cancelled. That will be a massive bonus as I found that the break really killed the momentum and it took a few episodes to get back into the show.

Once the episodes started to pick up again, it continued on what the first half of the season had started. I really loved how it built off the foundations that the first half set up and they really paid everything off in the back end of the season. Now with the death of Grant Ward and his body being the host of Hive, we got one of my favourite villains I have seen in TV. While I wasn’t completely on board with Hive taking the form of Ward who has been a massive part of the series, it all eventually grew on me and once I started seeing Ward as Hive, I really begun to love the character.

A certain moment I loved in the back end of the season was the send of for Bobbi and Hunter. This is one of the most emotional moments I have seen out of AoS across all the seasons. They was it was written and they used Mack to represent the emotion was fantastic. I thought Henry Simmons who plays Mack was outstanding in that scene and because of the emotion he brought, puts this scene as one of my favourite AoS moments ever.

What the second half of the season did well was build up to the finale. While I was loving everything I was watching, I couldn’t completely see how the season was going to end. Which takes me to the finale. I loved this. I loved how they spread it over 2 episodes and I loved the way they made it like a mini movie where when watching them together back to back, there was a clear start, middle and end. Of course the highlight of the finale was the scenes in space which we had constantly been teased about thought the season. I thought it was incredibly well written and acted fantastically and it served as a fantastic send of for two actors we had grown to love.

This season was amazing. While it had a couple of momentum kills, the fact that they could reboot it and regain my attention and interest was amazing. After seeing the flash forward for next season I am all on board for a villain Daisy and I am excited more than ever to see next season.



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