Flash – S02E22 Invincible

I’ll be honest, I was worried for this episode. After 2 massive home runs for me in the last 2 weeks, I was scared that this week would simply not be able to top it. Good thing I had nothing to be scared about.

This episode started fantastically. The Metapocalypse was great. While it was a bit short lived, it was enough to see the destruction they are having on the city. This really set up the rest of the episode of what we were dealing with.

The second part of the episode that they really nailed was Team Flash having to deal with Barry and his high level of optimism. I thought that this lead to a terrific moment with Barry and his dad. Following up from a fantastic moment with Barry and his mother last week, I think they did an amazing job giving a moment just as emotional to Barry and his dad. I thought this was contrasted extremely well with the moment Wally and Joe had at the start of the episode. As a character, Wally didn’t hit the ground greatly and it took a while for him to become likeable to the audience. But over the last few weeks he has really

The thing that really hyped this episode for many viewers was the appearance for Earth 2 Laurel. Of course with her being dead in Earth 1, I was actually looking forward to her playing a villainous role. We already saw Caitlin take on a similar role earlier in the season so it was something to really look forward to. I thought from the first sight we saw of her was fantastic. While it was brief, just the tone that she delivered her line really showed us from the get go that this isn’t the Laurel we have grown to know. Her line delivery was really kept up throughout the episode and I thought it was a really good way of reminding us that this is not Black Canary but the Black Siren. This lead to one of my favourite scenes of the whole episode with Cisco and Caitlin impersonating Killer Frost and Reverb. It was really entertaining to see them try and play the villain. Which was a great contrast between then impersonating villains in comparison to seeing villain Laurel.

I really loved everything they had with Zoom and Caitlin. Even though it was just her mind playing tricks on her, it really represented how scary Zoom is as a villain. We always had an idea of how he should be feared but Caitlin telling Cisco how she no longer feels whole really represents how villainous Zoom is.

Zoom again was fantastic. Teddy Sears is going to have boxes upon boxes of casting options. While he doesn’t play Zoom himself, everything he does with Hunter Zolomon is fantastic. For a character we have only recently learned about, the writers and Sears has done a fantastic job in establishing him as the fearful character that in himself is just as feared as he is in the suit. I know while it is a bit of a cheat because they are essentially the same person, you can tell there is different types of fear that is portrayed by Zoom in the suit and Zoom as Hunter Zolomon.

The ending I thought was fantastic. While man people including me thought that Henry Allen was going to die, it was the way it came about that really surprised me. The fact that Zoom didn’t kill Henry to simply hurt Barry or out of vengeance, it was to prove a point. I feel like the past few weeks Zoom’s main focus is to show Barry that they are in fact alike. I really like how they have gone the sort of Batman Joker One bad day away approach to Zoom as a villain.

Yet again, other fantastic episode. It really sets up massively for the finale next week and I’m pumped more than ever. I hope they really address Wally next episode in some way now that he knows Barry is the Flash. It didn’t quite reach the heights of the past 2 weeks however it wasn’t far from it.





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