Game of Thrones – S06E04

I’m going to start by saying this episode was just straight out fantastic. The past week I’ve watched a few episodes from season 1 and I was actually surprised how contained the show started. We all now know Game of Thrones as this show spread over a whole globe with multiple stories happening at once but we forget that the show started with only a few locations. What I really liked they have started doing this season is starting to limit the story lines. We got this last year when we saw our first team up with Tyrion and Varys joining Daenarys in Meeren. Now we finally reunited two Starks, Sansa and our favourite bastard Jon. I thought that everything at Castle Black with them was fantastic and I really hope that we continue to see them together and start reuniting other members of the Stark family.

It would usually be really weird to be 4 episodes into a season and still seeing characters for the first time for the season, but not in Game of Thrones. This episode we got our first appearance of Little Finger and Margery. I really liked the Little Finger scene because it really reminded us of the character he is. In just 1 scene this season, he has managed to manipulate this childish king into giving him his army. That really stood out to me how we often forget about Little Finger and his is mostly a background character but in the end he is playing the long game. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him sitting on that uncomfortable throne in he end. The Margery scene wasn’t big in anyway but it was a well rounded scene that reintroduced us to the character for the first time his season. I liked how her appearance really tied into what Cersi and Jamie are planning in King’s Landing and trying to manipulate the small council into taking down the High Sparrow. On the High Sparrow he was again outstanding. I really loved his scene with Margery and how he spoke his life story to how he became who he was.

Something small that I noticed this episode that I thought was really well was the camera work. Through the scene with the High Sparrow and Margery I thought they really controlled the camera well and it enhanced the power of the High Sparrow as he told his story. The other place in the episode I noticed it was during some of Tyrion’s scenes. His scenes were again outstanding, his delivery was spot on and I really love how he has taken on the power role. I thought there were certain times where the used the position of Tyrion in the set and the height of the camera to give Tyrion a bigger appearance. We are never going to view him as anything more than a midget but I like how they are using camera angles to give him a more powerful appearance as he gains more power during the series.

There was something that really stood out to me this episode that made me really enjoy this episode and it was the ending. I said last week that I felt the Daenarys storyline has really hit a halt lately and I want to see her fighting for power and taking over armies like we saw her so early in the series. This was the episode she did it. Her speech she gave to the Dothraki was really powerful, something we haven’t seen her do in such a long time. Daenarys was introduced to us this determined and powerful character and like I said last week, they shied away from that. So it was great to see her back taking control and being the powerful and dominate force we know she can.

This episode was fantastic. There is still so much I didn’t touch on in the review but there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like. What I loved the most about it is how apart from the end, there weren’t that many major moments and for the most part it was just basic story progression for the series, but that didn’t restrict the episode. Some people may consider these filler episodes but in the end, I don’t care if it is the episode that everything happens or an episode that is well executed story telling, a good episode is a good episode and that is what we got tonight.



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