Arrow – S04E21 Monument Point

What I usually do when watching episodes I am going to review is make some form of list of the things I want to talk about in my review. Usually these are highlights and lowlights that I really want to address. I finished this episode with not much at all. I think this was just a very mediocre episode. I really think this may take the title as my shortest review.

The premise of this episode was really good in itself. I thought that the decision to try and get Felicity’s dad back was good and I thought the pacing of them hunting him down was pretty good. However apart from that nothing stood out for most of the episode. Felicity was fired which was a little unexpected but in the end it was only thrown in their story wise to give Team Arrow another hurdle they have to overcome.

The flashbacks were again a bit of a low. They were really action packed which was nice and I’ll touch on the action later, but the flashbacks didn’t give much story wise as usual. We all know how detailed and well executed early in season 1 and 2 but they have really reached rock bottom. We did get to see the scene where the girl Oliver is with gets her magic yellow eyes. Of course we have to wait for next week to be given a reason to why it happened.

I did however have a few things I liked. I really liked how they weren’t able to stop one missile. What it really did was give stakes to what Team Arrow are trying to stop. Even though the build up wasn’t as exciting as it really could have been. What made me really like about this as well was we got to see Felicity do what she does best and team up with her father and be the mighty hacker we know she can be.

I also thought the action was really spot on this episode. For a TV with the budget it has, they really can pull some great action sequences. The final act with the jumps between Oliver and Diggel fighting HIVE and Thea fighting Anarchy. They were really choreographed well and I think they really was a stand out of the episode.

Mediocre. That’s all I can really say. This wasn’t a stand out episode by any means but I didn’t hit anywhere near the lows that other episodes have.




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