Game of Thrones – S06E03

Rise Snow Rise! I loved how they started with Jon Snow. It was only fitting that we picked up right from where we left off last episode. I really like how well Harington played this scene. We’ve really only seen a leader Snow and from what I can remember we haven’t seen a large range of emotion from Jon Snow as a character. I thought Harington brought a large amount of emotion to his reawakening especially with him dealing with trying to come to terms with what has happened. I really liked how the following scene played out with everyone being so scared of Jon, and Tormund being the one to speak everyone else’s minds.

Catching up with Sam is always great. It’s the first time this season we got to see him and I think they really gave a great introduction and reminder to what is happening with him and Gilly. I really hope that we get to see Sam back at Castle Black sooner rather than later because I really liked the relationship they have set up between Sam and Jon. There’s a part of me however that is really interested to see where they are going to go with Gilly and Sam, I feel like we could see a big typical Game of Thrones twist involving them in some way.

Yet again, everything with the 3 Eyed Raven and Brann was great. I liked how they backed up from last week from showing child Ned and a more matured teen Ned this week. I really like how through Brann was are getting a form of prequel series to what happened before season 1. So far I’ve really loved these and I can only hope that they really continue this throughout the season. I really love Max von Sydow in these scenes. I think he really plays the power figure well really stands as a wise character.

I’ll admit, I’m not too sure on the direction they are taking with Daenerys. From the start of the series I was really invested in Daenerys and her drive towards the iron throne. But since the start of season 5, she’s been a bit of a let down. While everything with the dragons and her time at Meereen wasn’t in anyway boring, I just miss the drive she had earlier in the series. I hope they really recapture this aspect of her and get to see her back as a dominant force in the series.

I really loved Varys in this episode. I like how he is no longer playing the side character and is becoming a leader in his own way. As the audience we really saw him pulling the strings and being a dominate character but its great to see him step up and take on a large role and dominate in it.

Again, Tyrion was fantastic. Peter Dinklage continue to hit it out of the park. Full credit to the writers though. They have really turned the heat on Tyrion and he has so many memorably lines. He is really the comedic relief of this show and he plays this role fantastically. I loved how he had some wised words and when questioned who said it, he replied that it was him. Even though I’ve heard that singe joke heaps of times, it’s the execution from Dinklage that allows him to nail it.

I thought everything at Kings Landing was fantastic. I really like how they are playing with the Zombiefied Mountain. Everything from the reaction of the kids to the old guy, that I will never remember his name, farting himself. For me I really hope that we get to see The Mountain in action again this season. I know we are only a short way through but I’m just hoping that we get to see him play a massive role in the back part of the season.

Tommen really got a big part this episode and I really liked it. While he is no Joffery and we don’t love to hate him, I love he we are seeing him grow as a king. I thought he had a fantastic conversation with the High Sparrow. The High Sparrow has been really great this season and has followed on from his big role at the back end of last season. Bit by bit I’m starting to really like him as a character.

Arya’s storyline stepped up this episode. I’ve always loved Ayra’s storyline and I thought that it was always going to be interesting to see what happens with her blindness. I really loved the Daredevil style training montage we got this episode. They really represented her drive and determination which is a characteric that made Arya one of my favourite characters.

The reveal at the Bolton Castle was extremely unexpected but I loved it. We unfortunately got a bit of a spoiler from Maisie Williams that Rickon was going to return but I expected that to be towards the end of the season. I’m probably the same as everyone else in thinking that Rickon has grown up a hell of a lot. You really can see with the hair how he looks so much like Rob Stark. Hopefully the story with Rickon is played out well through the last bit of the season. There would be nothing worse than having both him and Osha reappear in the series for them to just be killed off.

I thought the final scenes was a great way to end the episode. I wasn’t really excepting to be a major death this episode, let alone 4 hangings. I liked how they came full circle this episode and ended back on Jon to get revenge on his death. Of course the big moment was Jon retiring from his Command at the Nights Watch. It now lays a great foundation to take Jon on a different path that we haven’t seen him in a while since his time with the Wildlings.




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