Game of Thrones S06E02

This episode brought us 2 major things that I had been looking forward to for this season. This episode started with seeing Bran for the first time in over season. I really loved the flashback they used to display the power of the 3 Eyed Raven. It was pretty cool to see little Ned in his training and learning to become the warrior we heard so much about. I was also awesome seeing little “not so little” Hoodor. Who knew Hoodor had a name, Willis. And more importantly, who knew he could at one point talk.

I thought the scenes at King’s Landing where pretty good. While it didn’t do too much, I though that through these scenes we really got to see Tommen in his leader mindset and talking to Jamie about his self doubt of his ruling abilities. I like how it’s a massive contrast between the way Joffery ruled with such dominance and Tommen’s passiveness as a leader. My favourite moment of the scenes in King’s Landing was the head slam by the mountain. It was the typical brutality of GOT and slightly comedic.

In this episode, Ramsey has officially become one of the most evillest characters I have ever seen. Not only did he pass Kylo Ren in the murdering scale, he got a dog to eat his little brother. That is just messed up. By far, Ramsey is going to be the Joffery of the season, I can just see it now.

What I really liked about what this episode did was transition between each location. Following on from the Boulton scenes we caught up with Sansa and Brienne. Not much happened in this scene which I don’t mind because they are still trying establish this story line. I wasn’t really expecting Theon to leave Sansa. I thought that their reconnection was a long time coming that it was really unexpected that it would be over just like that.

Again they had a nice transition into the Greyjoy story line. Yet again not much happened in this sequence except the death of Lord Greyjoy. That was the second major death of a Lord in this episode alone. That is 3 for the season. With these actions I’m starting to think that we are getting into a theme of the falling of power. Already at the end of last season we saw the fall of Tywin, Stannis and Jon Snow (which I will talk about later), and already this season, 3 more major leaders have fallen. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of this season, the make up of the show and the leadership of each family has changed dramatically.

Again I liked the Arya scenes this episode. They are really setting her up as some who is embracing the fate and accepting her role as a faceless assassin. I like how they ended her scenes really open ended with us wondering where she was being taken by the faceless assassin himself.

My favourite part of this episode was Tyrion. First of all we got to see the line that had us all cracking up in the trailer about him drinking and knowing stuff. I thought his scenes with that dragons were fantastic. I like how he told the story while he freed the dragons and how the dragons responded. It was a massive character development for Tyrion as we got a bigger in site into his life growing up under Tywin. I loved his end line to Vary when he left the cave. Tyrion is the comedic relief to this show and his scenes are always fantastic.

Now finally, Jon Snow. From the start we always thought that The Red Woman would have a really big part in the return of Jon Snow, and from what we can see, I think she did. Obviously there are still many questions into how he came back. I like how they pointed a lot of action towards Ghost the wolf. What I took out of it with how it was edited that Ghost awoke the same time Jon did, was that Jon had transferred into the body of Ghost after his death. Therefore the awakening of Ghost was the indication that Ghost is back in control of his body and the awakening of Jon showed that he has indeed returned.

Overall this was a really nice episode all round. Apart from the ending with the reawakening of Jon Snow and a couple of powerful deaths, this episode continued to set up the world of season 6 and build off what the first episode had started.



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