Arrow – S04E19 Canary Cry

As someone who really liked the last episode and was a pretty good with the death of the Black Canary, I was really interested to see how they would handle the aftermath of what is probably the biggest death of the series. I like how the episode started with a funeral. I really thought that this was Laurel’s, but we soon found out it was Tommy’s from the end of season 1. I really liked this scene because we actually never had a funeral for Tommy and it was nice to jump briefly into season 1 again. I then like how they transitioned to the exact point where we left of last episode with Lance and Oliver. I thought this was a fantastic scene seeing Lance have another emotional moment with another death of her daughter. I really love Lance’s drive in this episode. He is the sort of character that will stop at nothing when it comes to family and these qualities were really on display this episode,

From the promos most of use really thought that the vision of Black Canary jumping on to the car rooftop was a flashback of Laurel in action but we soon found out that this wasn’t the case. At the start I really thought this was when Earth 2 Laurel makes an appearance but we soon found it wasn’t the case. I thought this was a really intriguing villain. Even though it had a slight villain of the week vibe to it, it was a good one as it was tightly tied into the overall plot of the season.

I felt like there was a lot of little side conversations and every little actual team conversations for the most part. I thought this was really nice and really added to the character development now that we have had the passing of a main character. I thought all the little 1 on 1 chats really allowed us to see how the characters themselves are handing the situation.

My favourite moment of the episode was when Diggel tries to take the matters into his own hands and attempts to take Darhk’s wife. I thought that sequence before Oliver steps in was great because it essentially was one of those 1 on 1 conversations that really displayed the effect Laurel’s death is having on the characters. The thing that makes this my favourite moment is when Oliver steps in. We get to see Diggel emotionally broken. This is something you would never think to see coming from someone like Diggel. I thought Oliver had a great “Diggel” moment, similarly to how he did last week. I’ve always love the chemistry between Oliver and Diggel’s characters and over this season especially we have seen them become closer than ever and real brothers.

I really liked the plot flip they had through the press conference. This was had really strong early season vibes of hunting the vigilantes which I really liked for this episode. It was nice to see Oliver and the team not have the support of people, and I hope they in some way can capture a similar vibe for the next season.

An aspect I really liked in this episode were the flashbacks. I like how it was changed up from the usually island flashbacks and got to see flashbacks from the end of season 1. I felt that it was a really nice thing to have and we really got to see the strength of Oliver and Laurel’s relationship shown through a multiple of 1 on 1 conversation and ending with the letter from Oliver.

I though Laurel’s real funeral was fantastic. It is the first time we get to see these flash forwards in real time and I like how they played them out. I like how it was a big contrast from the first funeral we saw and how we saw Oliver stand and talk and the fake Black Canary watched on. What I liked most of this moment was when Oliver revealed Laurel as the Black Canary. His speech was written and worded fantastically and really painted the picture of what Laurel stood for.

Seeing Grant Gustin cross over was great as always. Even though it was such a small cameo it gave a massive clue in reference to the Flash plot line. In this scene we got to see Barry with his speed. With how the lay out their episodes at CW, I can only assume that this happens after next week’s episode rather than before the episode in which Barry lost his speed. This scene itself gave a big clue that Barry is going to have his speed back really soon, which we always knew he was going to get back at some point.

Overall I really liked this episode. We really got to see the effect of a major death on Team Arrow and I like how they were able to show their emotions thought their little conversations and Diggel’s break out. I also really liked how we had so many late season 1 throw backs and it was nice to be put back into that time period.





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