Game of Thrones S06E01

Finally, GOT is back! Unfortunately, that’s as excited as I get with Game of Thrones. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. I came in quite late, only watching the last 2 seasons week to week. The problem I have with Game of Thrones as a whole is that it is only 10 episodes and I find within a few weeks of the season finale, my hype for Game of Thrones has died down. So overall my excitement for this episode wasn’t as high as it would be in compared to other shows such as The Flash.

Into the episodes itself. I thought it was a well rounded episode that was a great way to bring us back into this story. With such a big gap, I always thought the first episode of the season was going to be them giving us a reminder of where everyone is at.

First of all, it wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without some deaths. Already on the season tally are 2 major deaths. While they weren’t the biggest characters, the death of Doran and Trystane Martell was the typical Game of Thrones violence. I think this was a pretty smart decision to kill minor characters first up to get us back into the brutality of the show.

I think the scene I really liked the most was the one with Tyrion and Varys walking around connecting with the people. Tyrion is by far my favourite character so it’s always great to see him and I really like how he interacts with Varys. This really continues on from last seasons. I like how their humour bounces off each other and they have a sort of buddy cop sense to them.

I’ve also had to touch and everything at Castle Black. I will admit I’m a little surprise we didn’t get a whole lot of Jon Snow himself. It was more based around his death and I thought everything with Thorne was pretty interesting in how he managed to explain the actions and actually make good sense of the events. This is the story that I’m most interested in just purely on Jon Snow so I really hope they don’t drag anything out too much.

My second favourite moment in the episode was Arya. I really enjoyed Arya’s story so far and bringing the blind factor was really interesting. I like how in this episode they didn’t touch too much on it but just showed how her training is still going to continue. That makes me really excited that we might have a Daredevil style character in Arya.

Finally, the Red Woman. I had a bit of YouTube going into this season just to refresh my memory on what has happened in the last season, and in this process I was really drawn into Ken Napzok and everything he has the say about the show. He really knows his stuff. One of the things he said was that he thinks the Red Woman isn’t actually who we think she is. So that was really fresh in my mind so when it was revealed, I wasn’t massively surprised. But either way, I thought it was a really nice reveal and if that thought wasn’t fresh in my mind, I would of legitimately been surprised.

Overall, I thought it was a great introduction back into the show. It really continued off the back season 5. Even through I wasn’t completely excited for this season, this episode really made me excited again. What makes me excited most is that there is still so much we don’t know about this season. I really hope we get to see Bran next episode because by far he was the part of season 5 I missed the most.



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