Flash -S02E19 Back to Normal

First off, I’ll start by saying that I really loved the opening scenes to this episode. I loved the direct comparison between Barry as The Flash and Barry as just normal Barry. I thought it was a really fun way to open the episode and really show what the episode is going to be based around.

I liked how we jumped into Zoom’s cave really early in this episode. I liked the interaction we go with Caitlin and Hunter. This really was the first we really got to see the them interact since Zoom was revealed to be Hunter. I like how Hunter as a character grew from being just some scary force to a slightly creepy person wanting to keep Caitlin as his own, all in the space of one scene. Following on from that, I liked how we finally got to see Caitlin and Killer Frost meet. From the first time we saw her, I really wondered if we were ever going to see them meet. I really like the conversation they had. We got to see a direct comparison with Earth 1 and 2 Caitlin. I like how Killer Frost played Caitlin and give her a few fashion tips along the way. The death of Killer Frost at the end of this I thought was really smart. By using these 2 characters, we got to learn more about Hunter and how he actually has real emotions for Caitlin. Through the death of Killer Frost, we got to see that her only use was to compress his need for Caitlin, and now that he has her, there will be nothing he won’t do to keep it like that.

This week again, I really like how Wally grew as a character that bit more. After starting the season a bit flat and like the writers didn’t know how to use him, I think they are finally building up his character by giving him an interesting role to play with Joe. I like how their relationship is growing and we are accepting him as a character. Like I said last week, I really hope they continue to grow him as a character before they make him Kid Flash, if thats what they are planning to do with him. I thought the scene with him and Barry as the Flash was a massive step towards bring Wally closer to Team Flash.

I thought this was a little bit of a step back this episode. While there was still an overarching progression with the overall story, I though the villain of the week we a bit season 1 / early season 2 like. I’m not sure where this villain would fit in though because I like how we finally get to see some repercussions from Wells coming from Earth 2 to live on Earth 1. I thought while the power of the villain himself were quite interesting, I don’t this they used him to his full potential.

I thought the end of the episode was really good. I like Zoom’s speech about taking his measure of success from people he has killed to Earth’s he has ruled. On the flip side of that, Wells telling Barry they are going to recreate the explosion to give Barry his speed back was great. I always thought this may have been an option but I didn’t know how they would pull it off, so it going to be great to see how they do it. My main concern is that they might rush it and we have Speedster Barry back next episode.

I came into this episode being a little worried about how they are going to keep moving the story without having the actually Flash around, but I thought they did it quite well. I really loved how they had Barry as more of a side character and used the other characters to really drive this episode. I thought Jesse really got a bigger role this episode. I like how they are starting to incorporate her into Team Flash and I hope she continues to play a big part, especially if she becomes Jesse Quick like we all thought. This is always a strong sign for a show where the main character and step aside and they can still produce a great episode using the support characters.

One final thing I want to touch on is the Man in the Iron Mask. Before this episode aired I had a thought which really made me think and now I’ve decided on who I’m putting my bets on. Earlier in the season we saw Earth 2 Wells interact with Earth 2 Flash (Jay Garrick) at a press conference on Earth 2. For me, that confirms to me that Earth 2 did have a Flash and Wells knew it was Jay. He also knew that there was someone named Hunter on Earth 2, as shown last episode. Therefore Wells knows that Earth 2 had both a Jay and a Hunter. So my theory is that the real Jay Garrick is in the iron mask as Hunter kidnapped him, allowing him to place a younger version of himself as the role of ‘Jay’ on Earth 1.




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