The People v. OJ Simpson

The People v. OJ Simpson just wrapped up here in Australia, a few weeks after finishing in the US. I’ll admit, I had no knowledge of any of the OJ case except for that he was found not guilty. Being born just after the case happened and living in Australia, there was something that was a major unknown to me. This in itself was exciting. It was like watching a 10 episode mini series rather than a 10 episode documentary.

First of all, I really loved this series. It was paced well and they managed to make it a chronological story that was really easy to follow. As an Australian, I liked how the show didn’t progress to fast because it gave me the opportunity to quickly Google certain terms or get more background information on certain things.

I thought the cast was fantastic. As I had no prior preconception of the real life people, I really got to see the cast as characters themselves and not as portrayals of real people. There were a few of the cast I thought were fantastic above everyone else. Cuba Goodling Jr played the high profile prison well. I liked how there was a steady flow of different emotions and how as the series went on, the intensity went up from Cuba. David Schwimmer did great to shake of his “Ross” tag. Every time I see Schwimmer I see Ross and I always thought I wouldn’t be able to shake that, but in this series he did. I felt like I was watching a different character on the screen other than Ross. My favourite was Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran. Out of all the real life people, he is the one I would want to know more about. I think Vance himself could be a lawyer. Maybe not with the research side of it, but as TV and movie lawyers go, his delivery was fantastic and they way everything was able to flow. He felt like he had authority which really drew you into his character.

It’s hard to really comment on things about this series because I don’t know how much of it was word for word from the original source. That was the question I had coming out of this. I often wondered, “did this really happen” or “did they really say that”. That is nothing on the series though. One complaint I do have about the series however is their use of time stamps. While they were used often, I felt like they could have been used more often and more accurately. Like towards the end when they showed that it was the first day of the jury to decide on the verdict, I would of liked a month and a year. By doing this throughout the series, it would of been a bit easier to keep up with and even though the pacing was great, I got really lost in how much time had passed across multiple episodes.

I really loved this series. However I think it’ll easily be a one off. I know that there are plans for more season but I’m not sure how well that is going to translate across to my Australian market. I really hope they do prove me wrong and pull out a great second season that has a fantastic cast and great story like the OJ case.



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