Flash – S02E18 Versus Zoom

After yet another break, Flash is finally back and for good now. This break was by far the hardest to make it through. The stop start nature of the back end series has been really hard to drop in and out of the universe, so this episode had to hit with a big bang. The promo work for this episode was fantastic and had me extremely excited for this weeks episode.

I thought starting with a flashback to show the origins of Hunter Zolomon was really smart. Straight away we got a clear comparison to the death of Hunter’s mother and Barry’s from season 1. At the start I thought that we were revisiting Barry’s past but soon realise it wasn’t. I like how this really enabled us to give some humanity to Zoom as a character. This episode really did this tonight and Zoom for me is no longer a complete monster.

One of my favourite moments of this episode even though it was just a small thing, was the conversation between Wells and Joe. Each week these two along with Grant Gustin pull amazing performances and it was really great to see these two interact and for once have a strong connection. In the massive scope of the season as a whole, this is a nothing moment but for me it is moments like this that are so small but come together to make the show what it is.

Another small thing that I liked a lot this episode was the scene with Joe and Wally. Since Wally joined the show, we can all agree that his hasn’t been used the best but this episode I thought he was great. I feel that Wally is going to become a solid part of this show through his relationship with Joe. I really hope they continue to grow this relationship with Joe and Wally before giving him to big of a role in the show.

This episode gave us one of the best references of all time in terms of the CW universe. The Anakin/Vader analogy was fantastic. Usually Cisco’s usually references are just quotes and little references but this took the reference to a completely new level. As a Star Wars fan, by Cisco making this connection from Anakin’s transformation to Cisco embracing his powers, really made us understand why he was scared. References are usually used as comedic relief but this metaphoric comparison was amazing. Following on from that, Barry’s speech to Cisco was one of those Diggel moments where he acts as his voice of reason.

The flashback of the creation of Zoom was fantastic as well. This scene really doubled as the audience learning how Hunter became Zoom and the characters learning that the person they thought was Jay was actually someone named Hunter. The stuff at the mental facility was haunting but fantastic and we really got to see the creating of a monster. It really reminded me of a Frankenstein type moment. I was just expecting a “It’s Alive” moment.

The best moment of the episode was of course Hunter/Zoom explaining how he managed to trick team Flash and use Jay to get what he wants. For me, I was wrong on who Zoom actually was but I knew that in some way, Zoom was a version of Jay in some way, which he was. I really liked how we brought time travel back into it again with Hunter explaining how the Jay we saw die was in fact a younger version of Hunter himself. However there’s a question I have that isn’t a massive concern but just interest. So who actually was the person we knew as Jay? Was Jay really past Hunter the whole time or did Jay interchange between past Hunter and present day Hunter?

Overall, fantastic episode. Back into Flash and I can’t wait to see how they handle the back and the season now that we have hit the home run. There’s still so many things we need to know like who is the man in the iron mask and coming out of this episode, what is the deal with Zoom’s darkness and black eyes?




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