Supergirl Season 1 Review

After bingeing the first season of Supergirl just in time for the season finale, I came into this series with really low exceptions. Even though it came from the same people who brought us Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, early reviews had the show on the ropes. Knowing this, I tried not to expect the quality we have been receiving from the CW shows but I didn’t expect it to be a total boom. Overall I really liked this show. In many ways it took the similar beats from both Arrow and Flash and before I knew it, I felt that I was back in the CW universe I have grown to love.

By far the thing that really stood out to me this season was how much it reminds me of the first season of the Flash. Whilst the character fitted a similar model to the Flash TV show, that isn’t the connection they shared that made me really enjoy this show. It was the progression throughout the season. For most of the season, we got the generic villain of the week which was entertaining, and we had a pretty steady story line that wasn’t doing anything to big but kept us engaged. There was a turning point though which I thought really threw the show into super drive and planted itself as a fantastic show. I thought the Bizarro episode really started building everything up and at episode 16 it really hit its strides. Episode 16 was the episode titled Falling where Kara is influenced by the man made Red Kryptonite. The thing that really stood out to me as a stand out episode was the quality of acting Melissa Benoist displayed. One of the thing that really makes the Flash what it is is Grant Gustin. Every week he builds a bigger and bigger performance with those moments where we can see his progression as an actor and as the character of the Flash. This episode was that moment for Benoist. Over the season we really saw Benoist grow into the role of both Kara and Supergirl and we really never noticed her stepping it up each week. This episode however we got to see her play a slightly different role which we really got to see her play an emotional Kara. Emotional roles often are those moment we get to see how much of a progression our main character has evolved through the show and this was the same for Supergirl.

The following episode was the Martian Manhunter episode which I thought was fantastic. This episode had the big unexpected reveal that really surprised me and added another tick on it wrap sheet. Following that was my favourite episode of the whole season. World’s Finest. Supergirl vs Flash. This was the reason I decided to watch this show. Even if this show turned out to be a boom, I was always going to see this episode. I felt I had a massive smile on my face the whole episode. How often do you get to see one of your favourite shows team up with your newly found TV show. This was Flash meets Supergirl for me. It brought the renowned humour from the Flash into a universe that contained perhaps the strongest on screen TV hero we currently have. This alone made this my favourite episode of the season. I really can’t wait to see Supergirl cross the Earths to the CW world and hear Cisco trying to give her his own unique name.

Overall, I thought the biggest let down of the season was the ending. While it wasn’t completely awful, I thought that it fell a bit flat and anti climatic. The second last episode really set up the season finale and I was really excited. However I thought it just wrapped everything up too nicely and conveniently. I really thought the final story line could have happened over 3 whole episodes rather than the 2.

The first season of Supergirl was something I didn’t expect to like but I really did. As far as first seasons go, I thought it was fantastic and it really manage to set this new universe up well. I really can’t wait to see how they handle season 2 and finally find out what is in the pod.


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