My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Review

I walked into this film as a fan of the first film but cautious after hearing some awful reviews about this film. It wasn’t on my must watch list but I saw it anyway. I really didn’t know what to expect. This movie has copped a lot of stick about the quality and it seemed as though it was going to fall into that category of sequels that shouldn’t have been made.

For me, I actually really enjoyed this film. I think that there is 1 major this that decided if you’re a fan or not. I think you need to be able to relate to it. As someone who is from an Italian background, I found most of the stuff that people described as over the top stereotypes to actually be quite true. Everything from the kids taking up the older generations habits to the struggle of a younger generation having to teach all things technology. For me, I see the humour in it and understand it. It reminds me of a comedy act where they have heaps of real world references, where if you don’t relate to it in anyway, then you won’t find it entertaining.

While I agree some of the acting wasn’t perfect and some of the scenes, especially the high school ones, where a bit creditworthy, I thought it overall wasn’t as bad as it was going to be. Part of it is because of my low expectations, but evidently I thought you really had to of experienced the references to really enjoy it.



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